30-minute New Year Feast by Ina

We usually spend New Years’ at one of my uncles’ so our family went gaga when that did not happen. I went crazy in the kitchen and prepared a 5-course feast out of random food items in the fridge in a little less than 30 minutes.

  1. The soup was easy because there was a packet of chicken and vegetables and all I had to do was heat it and serve it with parmesan cheese.
  2. I was also lucky that we had half a loaf of whole wheat bread. Toasted bread is already fancy with butter but I just had to add truffle honey.
  3. the salad was simply made of wansuy, mandarin oranges, spiced almonds and honey (all of which were leftovers I had to live with)
  4. I sliced morcon into small pieces and just tossed it with cooked pasta before a drizzle of chili oil and sprinkling of truffle salt.
  5. The tomato-based pasta with slivers of fresh garlic and chopped onion also had a drizzling of truffle oil.
My family left to eat out and went back home with Chinese takeout (Kowloon specifically) because all of the establishments were close. Haha papa! That’s what you get for not listening to your eldest who knows everything. and I mean everything!
I used up a pair of red candles I’ve been saving for about 7 years to make this meal more special. Happy New Year!