Kababroll: Authentic and Cheap

You have got to try this!

this is their menu for the Mall of Asia branch but they have other surprises

flavorful, spicy, tastes authentic and most importantly, cheap!

for now it’s either you have something delivered around Makati area or go to Mall of Asia

but someone told me they have recently opened one in SM North. Give me a few days to get the name.

Cibo! Not playing it safe

Been a while since we went for Cibo partly because it falls on the “a little but too much” bracket and partly because if we do splurge, we’ll go for a joint we haven’t tried. But it was okay because I’ve ordered the same banana all the other times I’ve been there. That included Spinach Gorgonzola, Manzo Tagliata with mushroom rice pilaf, Summer Squash and red or white grape fruit shake. I had none of those this time around. And what do you know, it was very satisfying.

Fontina, Tartufata, Asparagi with Sardinian flatbread
(Fontina, bel pease, asparagus, mushroom-truffle paste, truffle oil) at 255.00 pesos

I loved this even if it was a bit of a struggle to eat the paper-thin bread. I am not a big cheese fan and it was a surprise that I didn’t find this helping too much. Must be the asparagus or the truffle oil or both. Basta, this one got my thumbs up.

After the very disappointing helping of lamb from The Goose Station (which is way more expensive than this joint), Phil and I were appeased with the flavors. The wine and mint sauce is something because we are so used to having plain jelly mint. I’m kind of expecting that we wouldn’t like it. Phil who hates vegetables loved the zucchini! Actually he gobbled them “greens” as if they were meat. It was very good with the sun dried tomato toppings that perfectly infused with the olive oil. I should try that at home and maybe he’ll have healthier helpings.


Again, another great find. I love this because I usually hate helpings of pork if it is not a Filipino dish. The herbs they used for this one balanced out that taste that I hate from chops. Of course, I love the mushroom rice pilaf. I would do it everyday at home if only oyster mushrooms are cheap and if they don’t easily spoil. The liver wine could be better cause I really wouldn’t be able to tell it apart from Mang Tomas. hahaha! I love the apple and pear salsa that made me feel that it was indeed “Roman-style”. The tomato salsa was nothing to write home about. Anyway the 3-part sauce is half the story so it’s forgivable.

So I say, try new viands from old restaurants and rediscover.