5: Snack Items for Meetings

After a few meetings with the repeated Starbucks pastry snacks I started my tirade. So here I will try to list decent snack items which are just as accessible as Starbucks. Seriously I don’t want another cinnamon swirl especially if it is a 7-hour meeting.

1. Pan de Sal, Spanish sardines or canned bangus, cream cheese and peanut butter. Toss em in the toaster and you have savory snacks and dessert. Simple and straightforward.

2. Japanese platters – It doesn’t even have to be authentic. Think passing around chopsticks, Japanese mayo and roaring wasabi for your sushi and sashimi. If that does not sound stimulating to you I don’t know what kind of wasabi you’ve tried.

3. Beer-battered fish – It sounds like junk food and it is but at least it’s not your usual junk food. Make it wondrous with anything zesty like lemon. If they have it then get ranch dressing. You can even get fried potatoes for a more filling snack.

4. Pansit – It’s not as exciting sure. But it’s got everything going on; carbs, pork, chicken, shrimp and a whole lot of veggies. Don’t forget your spicy vinegar or calamansi!

5. BBQ – Think about it. It’s finger food yet you don’t use your fingers. It’s tasty and satiating. It’s cheap and readily available. As it’s quite affordable, why don’t you be a darling and get that bottle of atsara?