Sampling Red Velvet Cheesecakes (10)

IMG_2629 One time 5 titas and a nephew went to Sebastian’s, an artisan ice cream joint. Each of them ordered a different flavor so that they can try six in one go (of course they were able to sample more mini spoons care of the shop). One of them flavors was red velvet cheesecake. As you may know it, coffee is what dessert means to me that I am mostly clueless when people ask me about dessert. Oh but how lovely all the flavors, textures and other sensations that helping was! I never expected to enjoy ice cream that much so I thought the cake must be good too. I’ve decided to sample as many red velvet cheesecakes as I can.

  • Poco Deli deserved to be the first slice because I liked it very much. Actually, I shared it with about 5 people so I should restate… We loved it very much.
  • Borough’s was also a contender. It was quite a hefty slice and the walnut made it fancier but I think it’s a bit too pricey.
  • Cab Café’s was very cheap at 50 pesos but unfortunately the cake was too dry and the icing was too stiff. It also lacked that cheesy frosting I crave for.
  • Café Dolce Amore’s cupcake had superb semi-sweet, cheesy and tangy frosting but the velvet was not “velvety”at all.
  • Portobello’s cupcake may not be as bold red as other red velvets but all in all it’d probably win the best among those listed here. It’s not too sweet, the rich frosting was not too cloying and everything just blended together (it’s also priced right!).TotalCollage_21V1I-MQ7QL
  • Slice’s cake I think was not exactly a cheesecake but the cake sure was perfectly moist and the frosting was flawless. However, it’s the cheesy taste that I want to counter the sweetness. I need it. Plus, cakes from Slice are so expensive. They’re about as expensive as a hearty meal (or more).
  • Their cupcake (Slice’s) which I believe is a cheese cupcake was more affordable than their cake at 85. My boyfriend and I shared one in about 4 bites.
  • Sugar Mommy House’s came in squares. We got two for the price of one which is 120. Not bad for its size. While it’s sweeter than the average, I’ve no qualms as the frosting was cheesy rich. It melted on my way home and it looked even more so appetizing. Haha.
  • Cukay’s cupcake was also cheap but the frosting was misleading. It was all sugar and not cheesy at all so both Phil, my boyfriend, and I scowled at the sweetness that shocked us.
  • Goodies n Sweet’s cupcake had very faint cheesy tones for their frosting and mostly I tasted sugar. At least the cake itself was good.

Photos: Portobello, Dolce Amore, Borough, Slice and Sugar Mommy, Poco Deli

I hope all cakes came in cupcake helpings because believe it or not, I find it hard to finish even a cupcake on my own.