Coron: Caffeine fix for coffee addicts

We love coffee and we want it all the time especially when we are on vacation. Firstly, most if not all food joints will at least have 3 in 1 instant coffee mixes so if that’s good enough for you then you have nothing to worry about . If you take more than one per day it may be practical to bring a box or two from Manila and ask for hot water in your inn.

We were lucky that we were staying just across Coron ZY because I think it is the fanciest coffee place around with a very wide selection of brews. They have an espresso machine, syrups, powders and spices so it’s pretty much like your fancy coffee shop back in Manila. They have hot, iced and ice-blended beverages. They also have non coffee concoctions such as tea, chocolate and fruit smoothies. I think I tried most of their coffee and they’re quite okay. They have everything including the wax paper cups with covers you can bring with you wherever. The price is also the same back home so try not to splurge too much.

I was also quite satisfied with Coron Bistro’s very strong cup for 50 pesos even if it was served with only a packet of creamer. It tasted oh so so good but both Phil and I couldn’t sleep well that night. It was a surprise because we never had that problem before. We’re not sure if the attendant only made a mistake in preparing it too strong. If you do want to try, take it early in the morning.

Manneken Pis is a good breakfast place and what’s a good breakfast place without brewed coffee served with milk and sugar?!

Tribal Cafe earns a spot with their pot of coffee. A combination of arabica and robusta, the 60-peso hot pot can be good enough for 4-5 cups. It is perfect for people who are not exactly sated with just one cup.

P.S. I saw BOG Cafe which also had a branch at Busuanga Airport. However, the branch in Coron never opened while we were there so I guess they closed that one down.

Cheers for Java fixes everywhere!