Snacking at Green Pastures (Shangri-la Mall)

Joints boasting of going organic rarely intrigue me because I’ve been exposed to it ever since I was young. Besides, that also translates to a very expensive meal. It was Green Pasture’s impressive selection of local coffee grounds showcased on the chalkboard in their coffee bar that initially drew me. The menu looked really fancy and more importantly, promising. Instead of “beverages” they put in “liquid provisions” haha. Seriously though, a lot of vegetable dishes always interest me. Plus they have stuff you don’t normally see in mall restaurants. “Stuff” means words I cannot spell nor pronounce let alone know the meaning of. But isn’t that when you are most curious?
We were still full but since we were already there we decided to order an appetizer and a plate of dessert with our coffee. I got a cup of Mt. Matutum while Phil got iced coffee SUMIYAKI which were served with coco sugar and coco sap syrup.
The coffee was okay but far from phenomenal. The plate of dessert indeed was fun playful with flavor, temperature and textures. It was both sweet and sour, hot and cold, creamy and crumby. But I’ll probably never order it again. Why? Because it didn’t have that explosive thing going on. I just didn’t find it special.
IMG_5137 IMG_5142
Mt. Matutum (105 pesos), SUMIYAKI iced coffee(125pesos), Apple Tarte Tatin (195 pesos)
The appetizer however is the reason why I am writing. The fried cauliflower in soy garlic glaze served with Sriracha mayo is a dish that will make people smile. Expensive yes and I’m not too sure about the nutritional content especially that it’s deep-fried and very tasty but who cares! I was thinking it was going to be close to Green’s mushroom fries or vegetable tempura dishes in Japanese restaurants but I was so wrong. The glaze was indeed very close to Bon Chon’s except maybe a lot better. Yes a lot like Korean fried chicken except it’s not chicken. Vegetarians can finally taste what that Korean glaze is all about. And yes children can be fooled into loving cauliflower (minus the sauce of course). Don’t get me started with the dip or this post will never end!
Korean Fried Chicken (185pesos)

This cauliflower thing got me convinced that there are a lot of surprises waiting be lived at Green Pastures. Keep me company and let’s split the bill? Pretty please.