Sweet & Salty Dishes: Filipino & Modern

While I do not have a sweet tooth I know that the best dishes will be those that have perfectly-infused contrasting tastes and flavors. I think it is that contrast that makes your mouth water or make you close your eyes. The most basic I think is sweet and salty. Some people say they don’t get it but I think they’d give in soon enough.

  1. bacon and golden waffles with syrup
  2. Krispy Kreme burger
  3. Jollibee’s Amazing Aloha, Smokey’s hotdog with pineapple tidbits, Hawaiian pizzas
  4. cheesecakes
  5. caramel popcorn

Some may say that these are all fast food and desserts. Or maybe people will say it only works for western dishes but wait and see.

  1. salted egg on bibingka(ricecake)
  2. champorado(chocolate porridge) with tuyo(dried fish)
  3. dinuguan(blood stew) with puto(ricecake)
  4. salt over tsokolate-eh (hot chocolate)
  5. pan de sal with butter dipped in coffee

Of course people will always have their favorites. For instance I like enjoying a cup of hot sweet light coffee over rice paired with smoked fish and scrambled egg.


And finally the reason why I wrote this list of sweet and salty happy endings is no less than the sinful bacon dipped in chocolate with nuts and pepper (Wicked by Cravings). At 75 pesos for 6 bite-sized pieces, I am far from complaining. It’s everything life should be.