The Bottle Shop: BGC

IMG_8884I know it’s not exactly food but it’s been ages since I last posted here so I need to break the cycle. I normally wouldn’t go to a fancy craft beer place particularly because I’d always go for more affordable ones (usually a specialty shop like (Gilmore Wines and Spirits). However, I felt like splurging and a new place was just what I needed to feel loved. Even if they’re more expensive than what I’d usually get, experiencing a new place is always a gem . Here’s what I think about the newly opened The Bottle Shop at BGC.

It’s more accessible yes so a better beer selection is one step closer to you than the one in Magallanes. It’s a lot more spacious so it can accommodate more beer drinkers. Yay for more socials! They made it edgy with industrial interiors and hip with music but that also meant it’s loud and open. I kind of miss the quiet and laidback vibe the other shop had. It gave a sense of exclusivity that wasn’t exactly intimidating. This one is more reminiscent of ordinary bars drowning in modern fixtures, bright lights, endless chatter and blaring music. Then again they serve craft beer so it can’t be just “ordinary”. I admit though that I would still visit it more often simply because it’s more convenient. Adding to the list of beers I’ve tried: tbs

  1. The Cebruery – People Power Pale Ale
  2. The Cebruery – Dumaguete Dubble
  3. The Cebruery – Chocolate Hills Porter
  4. The Cebruery – Boracay Blonde Ale
  5. Anderson Valley – Heelch O’Hops IMG_8887

Did I mention I loved their Cubano?