Niu by Vikings and Buffet Tips

My 8 plates when I tried Niu for the first time!


  1. prime beef, truffle gravy and fois gras gravy leg of lamb and mint, taosi spareribs
  2. summer salad with peach, strawberry, chestnuts, baby cherry tomatoes, salmon caviar, tenderloin beef, gorgonzola, manchego and brie
  3. miso lobster soup (minus the lobster) and chicken skin yakitori
  4. fois gras with raspberry on toast, lengua, callos and stir-fried veggies with french string beans and zucchini, mustard
  5. roast duck and black mushroom stir-fry
  6. thin chocolate strip, red peppercorn pistachio and avocado ice cream
  7. ground lamb kebab and white onion and garlic sauce
  8. chorizo pamplona, tuna sashimi, leche flan, chestnut, bacon bits, ube, coconut and rice krispies

Anyway all in all I enjoyed the experience plus I loved the interiors.

I am not an expert on buffets but I have been out there and I always enjoy it and make the most out of it. Here I listed a few tips on how not to overdo it.

  1. Try not to order drinks as those can only make you feel bloated. The more sugar you drink the less space you will have for scrumptious food so I say settle for water.
  2. Most people take notice of the small serving I get but I think it’s how everyone should do it. Pick super small portions to avoid leftovers. Even if servers say that’s the portion you have to get, decline if you feel it’s too much. I don’t know if it’s intentional but buffets sometimes have dishes that look really delectable but are actually rich, heavy and quite filling. I call those fillers and you won’t fall victim if you just stick to getting manageable bites.
  3. This one is always hard for people to do but forget how much you paid for it and just eat what you love or eat what you always wanted to try. We all want value for our money but if it would sacrifice our enjoyment then what’s the point. If you are always thinking of eating a lot of the most expensive they have, eating won’t be as fun.
  4. Never starve yourself before the buffet. In fact eat a full meal before the buffet. If it’s buffet lunch, have a hearty breakfast and if it’s buffet dinner make sure your lunch is decent, healthy and filling. Being too hungry for a buffet is just horrible and often it would result to an upset stomach.
  5. It’s not an eating contest so there’s no need to prove anything.

Just make it a pleasurable experience alright?