Uncle Cheffy’s Forever

As embarrassing as it may seem, the only reason I go back to Uncle Cheffy’s is to have another helping of their lamb. I say embarrassing because I feel I should try something new for the sake of discovery and blogging but end up with the same items over and over. Guilty!

For dinner, Phil and I met up with Nica and Don who also played flag football that afternoon. Sadly, my foot is still not a hundred percent so I spent my time taking pictures of everyone.

They picked out prawns and pomelo salad with sesame dressing (295 pesos for small) and an order of the all meat barbecue pizza (450 pesos) as they also had steak at House of Mini’s for lunch. Phil and I got a plate of grilled oysters with green mango toppings (295 pesos) and of course a plate of lamb (330 pesos).

I like this version of prawn salad because I haven’t experimented with sesame dressing mixed with pomelo. Can’t wait to whip up my own version and when I do, I’ll let you know. The rectangular thin crust brick oven baked pizza is fancy with toppings of alfalfa, tomato salsa and lettuce served on the side (not included in the photo). The more popular version is Yellow Cab’s dear Darla of course. It’s not exactly bad nor is it expensive but… I honestly don’t think it helps with the taste but presentation wise it’s wondrous! Plus it makes you eat more veggies. haha! I also didn’t think there was anything special with the plate of grilled oysters however, putting 2-3 drops of Tabasco makes it super. Promise you won’t forget to request a bottle of hot sauce when you order it.

and of course my plate of sin. They often just serve it with mint sauce/oil and gravy but I think mint jelly is still better. Anyway I think I owe Rock a trip to Uncle Cheffy’s so I’ll make sure I have a jar then. It’s forever! Cheerio.