Argos and The Pillars (Makati)

It’s a must to try something different whenever I’m in Makati because it takes effort to get anywhere other than Quezon City. We’ve been dining at Zigurrat for some toime and we could see this place from there. The food was far from ordinary but I think there is still room for improvement. The serving was bigger than the usual and the side dishes were wonderful. The variety made it a more satisfying meal.

I love the ambiance too. I love the decor and I hope I can go back to take pictures of them during daytime. I felt very comfortable in that corner even though I know there are a lot of snatchers in the area. The number of foreigners also made me feel like I’m in another place. I kinda miss that feeling as it’s been a while since I traveled.

TotalCollage_DQWXJ-KEOGITotalCollage_FAXA9-M6H12TotalCollage_P0ADQ-ZBDB1We were hoping to have coffee after the meal we had at Argos but we found The Pillars and decided to get a new beer with that cup of coffee. hahaha. I fell in love with that place too and I think I’ll go back just to check if they have new beers to add to my collection.

Eleven Tables – Kapitolyo

After getting lost, finding out they only open doors just in time for dinner and being informed they’re closed on Sundays I got lucky and finally tried Eleven Tables. I didn’t know what to expect really. My first fondue experience at Old Swiss Inn was a little but of a culture shock because the “basic” cheese fondue they served had a strong wine taste (and I have to admit I am no wine enthusiast). Eleven Tables also had mixed reviews so I didn’t know what to believe. While I thought I might appreciate that they “adjusted” their fondue to Filipino taste, I was anxious that that also meant being salty or sweetish. But anyway, I loved it!IMG_7748

I kind of regret ordering lamb stew because my mindset was trying out at least 2 different types of fondues. When Phil and I saw the menu we looked at each other and understood we had to have lamb. But anyway I enjoyed it heartily but thought it was too pricey. We ended up trying only one kind of fondue: three cheese and Shitake. I was pretty happy with the fondue and thought the cheese was perfect but I’m sure others will find it bland. I mean cheeselovers here in the Philippines are more like fans of cheddar and salted mozzarella.
IMG_7751IMG_7755I was disappointed that the chorizos which was a new addition to the menu were not available. We enjoyed an additional order of sausages with beer but it was nothing special.
It’s best to try Eleven Tables with a big group so you can try different kinds of fondue in one sitting. I am intrigued of their wine all you can affair when I think about trying out the other fondues.  Plus the place is interesting. I like the menu, the paintings and of course what they sell. I got myself that truffle sampler which I’m yet to experiment with.


I enjoyed the evening with Phil, my boyfriend and his dad. Beer pa!

Cafe 205 – Katipunan Extension

IMG_7498IMG_7495 IMG_7494

Cafe 205 is one of the restaurants I want to try in Katipunan Extension along with Basil, Earth Kitchen, Old Oven Cafe and etc. I often rant of eating at the same place over and over when there are so many I haven’t sampled as near as Katipunan. To my defense, that strip is not at all friendly to commuters like me. Anyway, I ordered a plate of tossed green salad. Jodi got spinach and ricotta ravioli and Phil stuck with grilled chorizo. So far, nothing impressed me. Ravioli often is a safe bet for me but this one was not that spectacular. The chorizo did not taste like it and my salad needed more feta cheese. 
I don’t know about the “bakery” part though because I didn’t try any of the breads or desserts they have. The place and the service was not bad but the food really has to be better. Perhaps we missed on ordering their specialties but really they have to offer something more for their packaging and price. Oh but let’s try one more time.


Icebergs and Banana Split

I don’t think it’s weird that it was my first time to try ordering food at Icebergs after all it’s not like me to order items that are clearly not their specialty. Steph and I ordered a greasy serving of chili fries and buffalo wings. I did like the homemade potato chips and the dip with hints of blue cheese served on the side but I kinda missed celery sticks.  IMG_0319 IMG_0320The banana split was the only thing that didn’t leave me feeling guilty. I thought the whipped cream was over the top but the scoop of mango ice cream was too good for me to complain. Is that Magnolia ice cream? IMG_0326Well it’s awesome whether or not you decide to share it with someone. Here’s to mango ice cream!

Service was really bad by the way so be patient.

Joe’s Meatshack Kapitolyo – food and beer


Joe’s Meatshack was where we ended up after watching Amihan: Indayog at Lahi and it did not dissappoint. I thought the grilled angus beef was a little burnt but it looked like the boys enjoyed it. We loved the fiery options for the New York Buffalo wings as well as the spicy sauce for the beef.The chicken and beef however were not as sinful as what Jodi had. It was this deep fried pork belly burger which was so fatty and good. I can’t really explain it. Jodi shared it will all of us and I really think that’s the way it should be eaten. haha.

IMG_7625 IMG_7624

I can’t think of a better name for sinful American food other than Joe’s Meatshack. Speaking of sin  we also shared dessert. I forget what it’s called but it’s hot, chewy chocolate brownies served with vanilla ice cream. Lastly, they have beer.  IMG_7627