Little Tokyo

I’ve been wanting to take a peek and get a bite of Little Tokyo ever since Cris and Malaine raved about it. Unfortunately I am not friends with Makati so I kind of knew that it would take a longer while to visit especially that it is not exactly easy to find. Kris and Oliver talked about it again recently so I thought it was time to check it out the soonest. Phil and I went there for brunch and hoped for the best.

The location and the ambiance is both an advantage and a disadvantage. I think it is good because it really feels like you are transported to a different place. That may be enough for people to consider going back. At the same time it is not very good because it gets minimal exposure and it can be a little intimidating especially for people who don’t know anything about it.

But the truth is that it is not intimidating at all. It is true that there were pricey viands on the menu but there were also cheaper options. The menu (at least in the two joints we checked out) was not at all complicated and had descriptions with almost every dish. You can also ask the servers for their recommendations or if you want to know anything about the dish you want to order. You can even check out the table beside you and see what looks appetizing. haha!

Of course we got an order of Takoyaki.

The takoyaki balls were too filling for an appetizer. I thought there was too much flour that the other fillings were not as tasty as they should be. We ended up wrapping the rest because we needed space to appreciate the rest.

Take Karaage

This appetizer would have been good if only they cut it in the same sizes. Some pieces were too big. Those were perfectly done but the smaller pieces ended up overcooked and difficult to chew. It is a bit bland so I don’t recommend it to people who like salty dishes. But anyway it has a dip of salt and chili granules.

Crab Chahan

Grilled Akauo

This order was nothing fancy but it is perfectly grilled. Also, if you squeeze some lemon and eat it with the freshly grated radish it is definitely a new experience. And that experience I do recommend.

here is Phil smoking away from me

I think early afternoon is the best time to visit because things are too slow in the morning. What I mean is it seemed too quiet and it seemed like the morning after a party. I saw some bottles and katol ash on the ground underneath the tables outside so I am betting that it is a mosquito kingdom at night. It’s probably because of the foliage which actually adds a lot to the atmosphere. It’s gonna be hot in an early afternoon but that is my bet because you have to see it in daylight. Then just stay inside one of the establishments for old reliable air conditioning. haha

There are more than one establishment there so you can come back and try a new one every time. Another thing that sets it apart from others is the little Japanese grocery at the far end. What exactly do they have? Well… I saw a lot of frozen goods including meats and vegetables. There’s ice cream. There’s a wide range of instant food too like noodles, soups, pasta, rice toppings and of course spices. There were also coffee, tea, chocolates and other snacks. I brought home a pack of mini salami. Itsy bitsy slices were wrapped in clear plastic like candy. Very curious! And oh there’s Japanese mayo. Just check it out and see for your self.

Here is the Little Tokyo resident cat in black lipstick saying wish to see you soon!