Items to be Grilled: Vegetables and Others (5)

Healthy, cooks fast and easy, vegetables would always have a place on the grill. They go well with other items or they can be mixed with salads and pastas for that char-grilled flavor that you can never replicate. Some simply oil the grill and put the skewered vegetables on top. Others would prefer to have basting sauces so that the veggie kebabs would be tastier. Again, basting sauces will dictate on the theme so prepare it beforehand. There are so many vegetables that are perfect for grilling but as I have to narrow it down to five, I would have to stick with categorizing them into themes.

  1. onions/tomatoes -classic items to be grilled!
  2. eggplant/capsicums/carrot/zucchini/onions/tomatoes -these are wonderful with salads most especially with Greek, Turkish, Italian flavors
  3. corn/potatoes – American barbecues can’t happen without baked potatoes and grilled corn
  4. pineapple/banana/sweet potatoes – this more of Brazilian-inspired barbecue, but it can also lean towards Filipino and Thai
  5. tofu/cheese/chili/mushrooms – Tofu has a good texture and can easily blend with other flavors. Cheeses are great for grilling but this may require bigger chunks or they may go to waste. Different kinds of chili will ultimately change your grilling experience. Start with something basic such as jalapeno then go on with green chili before trying out hotter ones.

*check out other items to be grilled and cheat sheets for grilling

Menu: Here’s to Vegetables! (Vegetarian)

Uh-huh… So I’ll try to be as brief as I can. I planned this in the last quarter of 2010. I wanted a vegetarian feast with all original recipes. I was aiming for a 5-course meal because I thought vegetarians always have to settle for something less and so I’d give them my all just so they can have a little bit more even for a night. It may have failed in the sense that I only had a singular guest and my fellow scientist (a greater one that is) who agreed to cook 5 more vegetarian dishes could not make it. Still, I am quite happy that it pushed through. All in all, I am proud of how it turned out even if I ended up with only 4 original dishes.

Of course I planned to dress up and take a lot of pictures and etc but… Anyway, here they are.

I – Tomyam in Coconut Cream


boil water, put in sliced onions and tomatoes, followed by sliced green chilis, stir in sour mix and gata

II – mushroom and wansoy stirfry salad

(tomato+mushroom+garlic+mango+nuts+wansoy+basil+sesame oil+vegetarian stir fry+olive oil+red capsicum)

IV – tofu and shitake in teriyaki sauce

(tofu+shitake+garlic+leeks+ginger+soy sauce+sugar+asparagus+bread crumbs)

III – lumpia wrapped burrito in garlic pea sauce and salsa over cabbage strips

(beans+cumin+oregano+sweetbasil+rice+lumpia wrapper+garlic+onion)

(pea+garlic+onion+salt+pepper+silken tofu)


V-dessert station

(banana walnut fr. Blissful Belly+ minatamis na saging + latundan + ripe mango + chocolate syrup + coconut in ricemilk + rice crispies + cornflakes)