The Best Veggies in Town: Greens

Not exactly a vegetarian, I know little of the vegetarian joints but of those I know, Greens is the best. The truth is that Phil who is a meatlover loved Greens just the same. That is just how magical that joint is. I first went there for Fia’s despedida but I think everyone was too hungry for me to consider taking photos. I went back a bit later with Phil and Evan and I’ve yet to go back and sample every little thing you can order from the menu. Did I mention they deliver?

Alright, they may have super failed for the soup viands. I tried a total of four different kinds of soup there and none of them were any good. They are much too bland and they are much too watery. I don’t know how it is that they nailed most of their main courses and ruin all of their soups. Really, they should do something about it so they can be perfect. The mushrooms are addicting and I believe it’s veggie junk food. Why? Well, because it’s fried, it’s got no nutritional content and you dip it in ketchup. Ketchup is equal to sugar. But I love it anyway.

The “embutido” is actually alright although they can do better with the presentation. It does not look very appetizing because it looks a little bit raw. They can serve it with a golden brown crisp on the sides so that it won’t look like dumplings fresh from the freezer. “Barbecue” is the cream of the crop. Most people I know loved their barbecue because it’s perfectly done. Many of them also claim that it tastes like the real deal but I don’t agree. Besides, I am not a big fan of sweet-style barbecue sauce so I wouldn’t really know which is good and bad.

Though many people loved that, my recommendation would be the “rellenong bangus” because it is awesome and let me tell you that I don’t use that word. I am not kidding when I say it even beats the real deal. hahaha. I loved the taste, the texture and the overall presentation. I was impressed because other than the seaweed wrap and bread crumbs I’m lost as to how I can achieve it. I hope that it’s healthy because that would’ve been just icing on the cake.

Speaking about cakes, they have some desserts there. They’re not exactly phenomenal but it’s not their specialty anyway so I didn’t mind. I loved the place but they could improve on their service. The staff from this joint is probably within top 10 of the meanest servers in town. For real! When things like that happen, just keep in mind that you are there for the food.