Dolce Amore for coffee and cakes

IMG_1652IMG_1654Hidden in the lower ground level of the building Dolce Amore is worth it. Okay… So we were driving around in circles and I was being a brat. We were bored, tired and craving for sweets and we finally decided to settle for something we have already tried. Then came this cozy cafe’s signage and so I was appeased. It does not always work out but if it could I would very much like to try out something new every time.IMG_1651

I love everything about this coffee shop. Not much people. Hidden from the busy street. Wi-fi. Not so expensive but far from “cheap”. And of course there were lot of items to sample!

  IMG_1657 IMG_1658 IMG_1650 IMG_1653 IMG_1649

It’s so nice to try a new place with a group because you get to taste evvvrrrything, well, almost. One more time!



H Cuisine: Angus Beef for sharing

IMG_8253So I met up with Joyce again, a friend who I haven’t seen in ages. She treated me to H Cuisine’s specialty of the house which is angus beef for sharing. I also ordered soup but it was forgettable so no use of trying to remember what it was exactly. I actually brought home the leftovers and Phil loved it.

Unfortunately I’m not as easy to please and as it is angus beef and as it is the specialty of the house. But anyway, it wasn’t terrible if that’s what you’re asking. It’s quite okay except that I expected more. You know what I mean?

Meat lovers will find it such a treat. Make sure to check store hours as they don’t have regular store hours. They can only accommodate few guests at a time so try to be early.


Ah and I ordered a citrus cocktail when we checked out Lola Café after dinner. It’s such a shame if I just ordered a beer right? Thanks Joyce for an interesting night and for introducing me to their angus beef.


Dayrit’s at Tomas Morato

Phil brought me roast beef from Dayrit’s as there is a branch near his office and I was disappointed so he never brought it up again. Some friends were raving about the Dayrit’s chorizo macao and I felt cheated that Phil didn’t tell me it’s a deli. But anyway Phil also had no idea. Thanks to Mikee and Nikki for telling me about it.

So I skipped the roast beef and opted for callos. Phil on the other hand stuck with a classic favorite, Dayrit’s burger. The callos was a little bit different than what I often have. It’s a bit too pale and the sauce is not as thick as I expected. I thought the garbanzos were overcooked and I wanted bilbao because I don’t like it sweetish like macao. So I ended up not getting macao after that dish.

The burger is a meaty helping indeed but it is very Filipino. What I mean is that it is very close to the sweet thousand island dressing used for Jollibee or any of the burger joints with buy one take one promos and etc. not really my cup of tea. One bite and I’ll never order it again.

I think I’ll still try their goods one of these days. There were a lot of customers who ordered some kind of sizzling pasta. It smelled absolutely fantastic so I’m gonna satisfy my curiosity soon. They don’t exactly have a wide selection but I like it. It feels homey and I think that’s really a plus.

For lazy people, I see a lot of quick fixes there. Cheers!

Tomas Morato: Greens

It’s always stressful for me to decide what to order in a favorite resto because as much as I want to try something new, I know I would regret not ordering what I was craving for in the first place. Oh! Such a long sentence. Anyway, expect longer sentences for this post as Greens is the best vegetarian restaurant I’ve tried. It is the first and only vegan restaurant that actually made me crave for gluten. And gluten is, let’s just say, my enemy when it comes to vegetarian cuisine. So after a long time, I finally satisfied my cravings and went there to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It was  perfect considering we came from Ace Water Spa that morning.

I wasn’t able to sample Mitzi’s eggplant (up there) but I did try a lot Don’s soy “chicken” (below).

It was surprisingly addicting and it surpassed my love for the rellenong “bangus” (below) at least for that day.

Below is the very popular appetizer called fried mushroom. Basically it’s oyster mushroom in batter fried into a crisp so I wouldn’t really call it healthy. I can actually eat about 3 or 4 orders of this and still not be full so I think the serving is too small for 90 pesos or something like that. I do know that oyster mushroom is expensive and spoils easily so I guess that’s why it’s a bit pricey. Anyway, I really love the idea and I would love to experiment with other kinds of mushrooms both cheap and expensive so I’d have more options. And perhaps do better than serve it with watered down ketchup? This viand has a lot of potential!

If my weakness is relleno, phil’s is barbecue. It is a bestseller and the same recipe is also used for their “beef” broccoli. Most people would rave about that but I am not a big fan of bbqs so it’s natural that I’d skip ordering it. Speaking of skipping viands, I do not recommend soups from Greens. For some reason, their soups are bland, watered down and basically lack spices so if you want soup, ask me to make you a batch. haha!

People shouldn’t really listen to me when I talk about dessert as it’s not my passion. I think the carrot cake was okay but the mango custard could definitely use some hint of sweetness. The mango is already a little bit sour so it should be balanced out by the custard but it basically tasted like basic jello. The caramel custard sounds like salvation but let’s not jump into conclusions. You’ll hear from me if it’s a feast. I did not take a picture of the Lassi which Mitzi ordered but I liked it. I am actually considering to order it instead of coffee next time even if I never really liked yoghurt drinks or any other shake for that matter.

Rather barbaric but I’m more of the soda or beer kind of person. Cheers!