All about Tim Ho Wan


It was always about the pork buns which was precisely why I wasn’t in a rush to sample it. I wasn’t too keen on falling in line especially if it’s for food. What marshmallow?! Then there was Rocky. My best friend’s opinion on everything matters because he hasn’t quite disappointed me yet with his reviews and recommendations. What he said was Tim Ho Wan is one of the cheapest restaurants with awarded with a Michelin star and doesn’t it make me curious. It was that simple and I knew I had to try it.

We finally got to try after several times of not even considering the line. My verdict is a harsh no. Don’t get me wrong. I did like it but was it worth the wait? No. The pork dumpling is more than alright. The ingredients were fresh that even the chopped chili on pork ribs was crisp and flavorful. They were quite generous too in terms of not using extenders. Good yes, but will I rave about it? No. There were certainly no fireworks there. My brother who is into pork buns said it was good but even that lacked enthusiasm you have when you are fed with glorious food.

You’re supposed to close your eyes. You’re supposed to drool over the thought of it even if you just had it. You’re supposed to bang your hands on the table and cuss like a barbarian after tasting something really good. That is what I think was missing. Maybe they are consistent which is what many people look for in a restaurant but I’m sorry far from magical.