Strawberry Eats in Baguio

1-IMG_2479Strawberries are synonymous to Baguio and up until our recent trip I didn’t want to try anything other than the fresh ones. Who can blame me after years of artificially-flavored, overly sweet and sticky red syrup that you can easily associate with medicine? But I figured this kind of thinking won’t get me anywhere so I have to try even in smaller bites.

  • strawberry yogurt shake – This one was from Cafe Sabel’s inside Ben Cab Museum. With sweet and sour tones, it was really refreshing after a stroll. It wasn’t too thick but it didn’t seem like it was watered down or anything like that.
  • strawberry ice cream – I was shaking my head when I saw people lining up for ice cream at La Trinidad. But that was before I saw how fresh the ice cream was. It was red from all the strawberry bits. I think the sun was also partly to blame but me having two servings was just crazy since I’m not big on ice cream often. I was told you can order a gallon!
  • strawberry taho – My nephews and nieces were all going gaga over taho in rich strawberry syrup with bits so I said I had to try even if I was almost sure I was going to regret it. It turned out to be a pleasurable experience but I did ask the taho vendor to go easy on the syrup.



I did not dare taste the strawberry wine but I heard good things from my relatives. It’s perfect for pasalubong if you want something more than the usual jam or preserves. Just remember that the foil-covered ones aren’t sealed completely so you have to be mindful of packing.

1-IMG_1512IMG_1486I enjoyed Xavierbeer’s Strawberry beer in Manila but unfortunately I didn’t have time to visit Baguio Craft Brewery for another helping. The slice of strawberry shortcake we tried tasted like Rebisco filling icing so I won’t include that here. But anyway I think you should go and try every kind of pastry with strawberries while you are in Baguio because chances are they’re fresh, right? I heard about strawberry rice too but the resto referred to us was closed.

Lastly, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with getting a basket of fresh, red, juicy ones if you are still undecided. Bake and have fun with it. Serve it over pancakes or waffles. Use it in salads. Make it into smoothies.