What to buy in Baguio: Food!

  • 1-IMG_1485strawberry – As I’ve said strawberry is synonymous to Baguio. You just have to eat some and save a lot as people back home will surely ask for it. Its life is short so make sure you get to distribute it to your friends soon.
  • strawberry wine – Make sure you choose ones that are securely sealed so you won’t make a mess in transporting them. They make perfect pasalubong or gifts for specially occasions.IMG_1486
  • strawberry jam – I’m also not big on jams and preserves but others are crazy about them. They’re perfect with butter and cheese on toast plus it’s not everyday in Manila you get jams with real strawberries.
  • chocolate flakes – This was not available when I was young and I don’t understand its relevance to Baguio but since it is good and addicting, it also became a staple Baguio pasalubong. I only know of the brand Mikasan.
  • ube – This gets easily spoiled but it’s alright because people also can’t get enough of it.


  • broccoli – The price difference still varies depending on the season but it can be as much as 5 times more expensive in Manila. This means only one thing: hoard as much as you can. Why limit yourself? While your at it get cauliflower, asparagus, lettuce, beans, tomatoes and other fresh vegetables that are good for you.



  • sundot kulangot – I actually don’t like this but I have to put it on my list because it’s perfect for kids simply because you have to eat it with your finger. It is an essential Baguio pasalubong.
  • bread – I hear a lot of good things about bakeshops in Baguio and I think it’s simply because of supply and demand. Naturally, people like their bread fresh and warm as it is cold so bakeshops do it right. Plus the fact that certain fruits only grow in Baguio, baked goods are not only one of a kind, they’re also fresher and cheaper than ones sold in Manila.



  • 11-IMG_2479strawberry ice cream – the fresh strawberry ice cream sold in La Trinidad is being sold by the gallon. If you can find a way to transport it back to Manila with some dry ice and cooler magic a lot of people will love you for it. Yes, including me!
  • craft beer – This isn’t really anything Baguio is known for but since there are few breweries in the whole of the Philippines, Baguio Craft Brewery is worth a visit. Bring home craft beers to share with your friends and why not down a bottle or two while you’re there.

I worked on a list of non-edible pasalubong from Baguio too so check it out soon.