Buffalo’s Wings and Things at Home Depot Ortigas

I have been wanting to try out this place but I end up choosing Jalapeno whenever I am in the area. It’s not a tough choice for me to make because I am not big chicken fan and well come on! If it is between American and Mexican what will you choose? Suit yourself.I honestly thought that it was Wingman but I guess they look all the same to me.

hmmm. We ordered a total of a pound of buffalo wings: half a pound of Firehouse Classic and half a pound of Garlic Parmesan(135 pesos each). I kinda regretted ordering Garlic Parmesan right away and wished that I can swap the whole basket with Phil but I felt guilty. The add ons of fries, ranch dip and blue cheese were priced at 29 pesos each. Though we were tempted to order the Nuclear Armageddon which was the hottest they had to offer, we crossed it out so that we could have dessert.

Buffalo’s Wings and Things is the fifth New York style buffalo wings joint I tried or I am slightly off. So far I’ve tried Yellow Cab’s, TGIF’s, Chili’s and Flaming Wings. I am not counting Pizza Hut’s, Don Henrico’s and Borough’s because I don’t think it’s the original recipe.

They actually offer dessert but I just had to order Apple Caramel Butterscotch from Jalapeño Cantina Mexicana because it is a slice of heaven. The ice cream thing they have at W&T would have to wait. Cheers!


Flaming Wings at Katipunan

Lately I find it hard to try something new because of our ongoing Korean food addiction. We eat at Woorijib at least once a week so that’s a huge cut in our budget. We were able to forget Korean temporarily and finally got the ball rolling again. We tried Flaming Wings because we had been craving for New York style buffalo wings since we saw a Man versus Food episode.  I’m not a huge fan of chicken in general so I’m not exactly raving but really it wasn’t bad. I don’t really know what authentic tastes like but I will tell you that it’s almost exactly like the wings they serve at Yellow Cab, TGIF and Chili’s.

We had an order of original and an order or their hot wings. I did enjoy ranch and blue cheese for dipping. I think I made the right move when I ordered oriental lettuce wraps especially that Phil and I got so used to eating vegetables with every meal.  What I am most happy about is the serving. We actually thought they made a mistake of serving us the 6-piece instead of the 3-piece basket. I’m so happy about the lettuce wraps that I have a post prepared somewhere in my folders.

oh and I find the breakfast sundae intriguing. a second visit? Cheers!