Oct16th Madness: Manila Sevens

The last day of BFLC’s Manila sevens was moved to October 16th, the day I have reserved for a little shoot at Paco Park, a trip to Cafe Ilustrado and watching the much awaited Polarity. I thought I’d have a lot of time to prepare for the event but hell I was wrong.

Our team’s standing was second after the 5th day after a loss and a questionable default (Paul Le declared he wants 7 players on the field and not in the tents and the perimeter of the field).

Because of the sudden change of schedule 8 of our players couldn’t. We only had 7 on the field for the championship. Trophies and placing eluded the team for the third time we joined the B-League tourneys. But we did play and we did laugh and we did enjoy the heat and sweat. Maybe it wouldn’t be the last league after all.

It’s not the first time I said it and it won’t be the last time either. I honestly don’t know what to ask more of my team. This team and everyone who became a part of it just kept on granting each little wish I had. We had players and kept on playing after all these years. We were gifted with the best hodgepodge of players with complimenting attitudes that somehow made everything clicked and that somehow made everything fun and worthwhile. We had cones and jerseys then we played our first ever league. Then we had another set of jerseys and played another league. Then we had flags and I dunno how many times we ate out, drank together, had partiesĀ  and a big etc. It’s unbelievable. Despite losing when we were sure we could have been hailed champions if it was only held a week earlier, TSG is the greatest! I love it to the moon and back and to pieces. I wish but then I know that we will keep on playing.

And oh the logo. conceptualized by Karlo, ironed by me, colored by Jed. hahaha