Juju Eats Podium: First Try!

I’ve been biased with Juju Eats since the beginning because I am not for extreme diet plans though I don’t want to preach so here I try to look at it from different perspectives. I found it too tasty and I found myself thinking if I should order more greens just so it won’t be as rich. Either that or I should have requested the dressing to be on the side. The ready-made salad I had was roast pumpkin.

But let’s face it, a restaurant/food joint that is all about salads catering to the mainstream is something awesome. I can complain about a hundred and one things but it is still far better than the regular fast food. I hope they do survive the competition.

This being all the rage is also good for introducing salads to people who normally wouldn’t eat vegetables and for kids it’d be a good start. I also love their DIY salad bowls. People who are finicky suddenly can enjoy salads because they can opt out of onions, celery, green pepper or whatever it is that they can’t take. For me however the best thing about it is trying out grains and veggies I am not so familiar with. I’ll experiment with those very soon.

I hope they can be more explicit about the nutritional content/caloric count though most especially that they have claims of “a well-balanced diet without rice and pasta” plastered on their walls. I think people can be misled. I don’t need to make calculations to know that the half order I had was fattening even with the kind of exercise I do. The greens were weighed down by bacon, walnuts, 3 tablespoons of feta cheese and 4 tablespoons of sweet balsamic dressing (I’m eyeballing here). And while I don’t care about calories, I think many people who will eat there would.

Still, it’s promising. Next time I visit I’ll have my camera with me!


Cafeteria Verde – Robinson’s Galleria


I sampled the nachos and the paad thai. oth were tasty but I was particularly impressed with the nachos. Of course they had to settle for ordinary cheese but I am guessing that changing the cheese would make the dish spectacular. Supposedly both shouldn’t have meat or seafood but my lips were itchy so I asked the attendant if they used fake shrimp paste or real shrimp paste. The person said it’s real bagoong. I do hope they’re joking because I really thought most of the dishes didn’t have meats. Not that I am a vegetarian but maybe they’d get into trouble in the future if they don’t orient their attendants well. I regretted that I wasn’t able to order more because I was by myself. The menu was quite expensive and many items were intriguing so I probably should have another go. Also, I did not have my camera with me that time so the photos aren’t that pretty.


Slowly, healthier options are multiplying. It is still far from being perfect or accessible but it’s a start. Cheers!