New Items on the Menu

Drafts are way outdated and I don’t really have anything new so here, I will write random food items from different food joints in Manila that I recently tried and enjoyed.

Let’s start with Dunkin Donut’s Quezo Duo. While it’s more expensive than their regular donuts, it’s still cheap when you compare it to fancy cheesecakes and other donut places. It’s still sweet but the cheese somehow made it taste more like real food. It’s like a donut ensaymada. Or is it ensaymada donut? Having said that I bet it is perfect with black coffee.
Next, Bulgogi Noodle Soup from Bon Chon is also new. It’s expensive yes and ordering the large bowl still is not filling for the average hungry Filipino. However the taste is far form the salty and soups thick with flour you often have in fast food joints. It has tofu, sweet onions, carrots, string beans and thin slices of beef. I like its toasted sesame seeds and sweet tones because it’s refreshing.
I was lucky enough to notice new additions in Shi Lin’s menu when   we ate there. We tried Black Truffle Xiao Long Bao. I was intrigued as I have always associated truffles with Italian and French cuisine. I never imagined it can be fused with Asian food too. It opens a lot of possibilities for someone like me who does a lot of experimenting in the kitchen. Yes of course I loved it. It can easily be added to the list of happy food!
Early in the morning after a night of drinking, I ended up having one of Yellow Cab’s breakfast items. I’m not sure if it was a folded pizza but it had mango, scrambled eggs and bacon in it. I knew it was something I would love because I often use mango in salads and dishes if I want something sweet with a bit of tang.
I started with cheese so I will wrap this up with Pizza Hut’s 7 cheese. I seldom eat pizza anymore as I rarely eat fast food. I got to try it when my relatives had it delivered a couple of weeks ago. It was not as salty as other pizzas I know and the cheese was also nothing too exotic (if you know what I mean). If there is such a thing as perfect junk food, it’s a pan of that. hahaha. It’s best paired with beer. Go order and watch The Simpsons or something.
I’ve no photos so here’s one from Shi Lin’s Facebook page.1530406_660571157320065_1923076851_n

Is Bon Chon really Korean?

I recently fell in love with Korean food and I fell hard. I have dubbed it as the next best thing after the discovery of lamb from so long ago. We have our almost weekly Korean fix from 3 different Korean restaurants. Anyway, many raved about Korean-style fried chicken so I have been on the lookout for specialties for some time. I finally tried out Bon Chon and was I disappointed. haha! Firstly, I was shocked (no I am not exaggerating) that it turned out to be a fast food restaurant (trust America to ruin everything). Secondly, where the hell are the supposed staple side dishes? I don’t care if it is a measly serving, just give me something. Third, what’s up with the mayonnaise mixed in with kimchi? Ridiculous!

The one in Mega Mall had a long queue of I expect famished people. I pitied them because I was thinking many of them will not have an idea of how spicy their specialty is. I mean even I who’s supposed to love hot food needed to drink more than usual so yeah, it is hot alright. I thought they’d surely have a tummy ache from waiting too  long or from eating spicy food.

On to something positive, the garlic chicken was quite good. Both I think will be good with beer which brings me to another good thing about Bon Chon. They have Stella and Hoeegarden! Can you believe it? Well I guess it’s a little bit pricey and all but still it’s not everyday that you’d see those kinds of beer in a fast food restaurant that serves wonderful pulutan. I suggest they add some authentic side dishes and we’re good.