The Bottle Shop: BGC

IMG_8884I know it’s not exactly food but it’s been ages since I last posted here so I need to break the cycle. I normally wouldn’t go to a fancy craft beer place particularly because I’d always go for more affordable ones (usually a specialty shop like (Gilmore Wines and Spirits). However, I felt like splurging and a new place was just what I needed to feel loved. Even if they’re more expensive than what I’d usually get, experiencing a new place is always a gem . Here’s what I think about the newly opened The Bottle Shop at BGC.

It’s more accessible yes so a better beer selection is one step closer to you than the one in Magallanes. It’s a lot more spacious so it can accommodate more beer drinkers. Yay for more socials! They made it edgy with industrial interiors and hip with music but that also meant it’s loud and open. I kind of miss the quiet and laidback vibe the other shop had. It gave a sense of exclusivity that wasn’t exactly intimidating. This one is more reminiscent of ordinary bars drowning in modern fixtures, bright lights, endless chatter and blaring music. Then again they serve craft beer so it can’t be just “ordinary”. I admit though that I would still visit it more often simply because it’s more convenient. Adding to the list of beers I’ve tried: tbs

  1. The Cebruery – People Power Pale Ale
  2. The Cebruery – Dumaguete Dubble
  3. The Cebruery – Chocolate Hills Porter
  4. The Cebruery – Boracay Blonde Ale
  5. Anderson Valley – Heelch O’Hops IMG_8887

Did I mention I loved their Cubano?


Joe’s Meatshack Kapitolyo – food and beer


Joe’s Meatshack was where we ended up after watching Amihan: Indayog at Lahi and it did not dissappoint. I thought the grilled angus beef was a little burnt but it looked like the boys enjoyed it. We loved the fiery options for the New York Buffalo wings as well as the spicy sauce for the beef.The chicken and beef however were not as sinful as what Jodi had. It was this deep fried pork belly burger which was so fatty and good. I can’t really explain it. Jodi shared it will all of us and I really think that’s the way it should be eaten. haha.

IMG_7625 IMG_7624

I can’t think of a better name for sinful American food other than Joe’s Meatshack. Speaking of sin  we also shared dessert. I forget what it’s called but it’s hot, chewy chocolate brownies served with vanilla ice cream. Lastly, they have beer.  IMG_7627

Craft Gastro Pub (Rockwell)


I went to Craft Rockwell to reward myself for braving the Makati traffic last Saturday. I felt bad about blowing my budget but it’s alright considering I needed a break and beer is always something fulfilling (because of its effects) because I have been trying to drink my way (quite slowly) to my second hundred after I tasted 100 beers last year.

Anyway it wouldn’t have been so bad if I ate someplace else (to save some cash) but being alone, I just didn’t feel like it. I ordered Spinach Mushroom Parmesan Pouches (180 pesos) and Mixed Green Veggies (220 pesos) which incidentally were vegan-friendly (except for the parmesan part of course). I simply had to point it out because super badass meats are often the ones paired with good beer. I enjoyed Efes as I don’t like dark beer or those that are too dense. It was even sweetish for my taste. My other order St. Idesbald blond is a bit of a waste because when I showed Phil he said we already tasted that before. Craft may be just right for newbie beer enthusiasts (I heard there’s another one at The Fort). If you want a wider selection, go to others like Distillery.



I was in Makati (a rare occurrence) because I was supposed to meet Evan but his office Christmas party was scheduled on the same day. Instead I checked if they were still selling tickets for watching the grand finalists for the Vie and Vault Pole Championship Competition (Yes they were!). And of course, I dropped by Mise-en-Scene as I wanted to see how Monica Vivar (a former classmate in a photography class under Leo Castillo) was doing. And since I had a lot of time in my hands, I also checked out Rockwell Tent’s Moonlit Bazaar. It was bland, expensive and uninspiring but I did take home some rubber stamps for my growing collection of crafts stuff!



Distillery No. _


We finally tried out Distillery and it is perfect because there selection is by far the widest among all the beer places I’ve been to. I guess it’s common ’round Makati strips but since I rarely go there I don’t know any.  Anyway, I am guessing that no one will love the price range but if you are after finding hard to finds then you went to the right place.


What I love about the place is that you can actually bring your own food. That’s great for people who are finicky about beer matches or those working under a budget. I guess it is clear that the place is only concerned about serving the best beverages and you have to worry about your food. For our first trip, we bought four seasons from Yellow Cab. Perhaps next time we’ll bring Analisa’s crispy pata or chicharong bulaklak or buffalo wings or nachos and etc. My list is endless so I should stop myself and end this post. Cheers!

Is Bon Chon really Korean?

I recently fell in love with Korean food and I fell hard. I have dubbed it as the next best thing after the discovery of lamb from so long ago. We have our almost weekly Korean fix from 3 different Korean restaurants. Anyway, many raved about Korean-style fried chicken so I have been on the lookout for specialties for some time. I finally tried out Bon Chon and was I disappointed. haha! Firstly, I was shocked (no I am not exaggerating) that it turned out to be a fast food restaurant (trust America to ruin everything). Secondly, where the hell are the supposed staple side dishes? I don’t care if it is a measly serving, just give me something. Third, what’s up with the mayonnaise mixed in with kimchi? Ridiculous!

The one in Mega Mall had a long queue of I expect famished people. I pitied them because I was thinking many of them will not have an idea of how spicy their specialty is. I mean even I who’s supposed to love hot food needed to drink more than usual so yeah, it is hot alright. I thought they’d surely have a tummy ache from waiting too  long or from eating spicy food.

On to something positive, the garlic chicken was quite good. Both I think will be good with beer which brings me to another good thing about Bon Chon. They have Stella and Hoeegarden! Can you believe it? Well I guess it’s a little bit pricey and all but still it’s not everyday that you’d see those kinds of beer in a fast food restaurant that serves wonderful pulutan. I suggest they add some authentic side dishes and we’re good.