Alexandre: First and Last

So I finally took a cab all the way to The Fort early in the morning to have breakfast in Alexandre. Just that little thing made a little more indulgent than usual breakfasts so I was really crossing my fingers that it’s worth all the trouble. But then we know that we can’t win all the time. I have to say that the first trip will definitely be the last.I just hate the fact that we were a big group and all of us had to live through that.

When you look at the selection, it looks alright right? In fact it even looks appetizing. The problem mainly was that it was overpriced. For me and for everyone in our group, nothing was fancy at all. If that was French then French is no good. I wanted to order one of the cheese platters that I saw on the website as that was my purpose ever since I wished to eat there on my birthday but all three were not available and it didn’t seem like the servers even had an idea about those items on the menu so I suppose it’s been a long time they scratched it out.

I ordered a kind of Salmon Sandwich which was served with a bit of salad and some potato chips. No good. Not very tasty and the salmon was very thin. Salad on the right side was served with Phil’s quiche.

The one that looks like an omelette tastes exactly like an omelette. Phil can probably make something better. Wait let me restate. Phil does better. The quiche was okay but it was 360 bucks. Will you spend that much for something that tastes okay? One you can buy from Starbucks is actually bigger.

I dunno how much happy people are gonna be with the basket of bread but what are you gonna do with that if you don’t like the food? It was not served hot and it also did not leave a mark. The group ordered a set of jams that they barely touched so maybe not very good as well.

This is a savory crepe or something. It’s got bacon and egg but I think you could order something better from Cafe Breton. This is a kind of spinach pasta and I really didn’t taste the cheese that was supposed to be in there.

I wanted to skip this post so that I don’t have to put in something very negative but as I said we can’t win all the time. If you don’t risk it, you will not really discover much. Play it safe and be a bore. kisses!