Kanto Freestyle Breakfast – Eastwood

We were to have dessert alone but there was heavy traffic so I decided to have lunch there too (so much for trying out Juju eats). We were starving as we came straight from our adult gymnastics class (my 32nd birthday celebration). I lowered my expectations as I am not very fond of hi-carb and hi-sodium meals that leave me feeling bloated.

I was greeted with a lot of tables which was a relief as I often see long queues at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. We ordered Batangas Tapa, Honey Garlic Chicken and Pork Belly. Additional servings of tomato pesto, bacon and a selection of mini pancake stacks were necessary. Hahaha. If I had known that the serving won’t be as salty as the usual Filipino fare, I wouldn’t have chosen set meals. I would’ve skipped the rice and the eggs and just had vegetables and meats.


The Batangas Tapa was on the sweet side but I guess that’s how it’s supposed to be.


The honey garlic chicken on the other hand tasted fine but it seemed a little too greasy. The dark golden crisp of the chicken suggested overly used cooking oil. Or it could be the breading they used. All I know is that it didn’t look that appetizing. The sauce was flavorful but too sweet for me.


I’m thrilled of the pork belly though and I had phil order one more of that.


I liked their presentation, their service and their food. I was pretty much satisfied with the flavors. I love the make your own breakfast plates, the dessert selection and the fact that they have brewed coffee. I mean most cheap food joints would give you a 3-in-1 pack and a cup of hot water. I love it that they’re not that salty too. Nothing was too pretentious. Everything was familiar yet nothing was ordinary. Our total bill was 642 pesos for three people. It was more than enough for us.


If there’s one thing I didn’t like, it was the bacon. They should change their brand because it would be such a shame to pair that with this plate of wonderful mini stacks of pancakes with fruit, glaze, peanut butter and chocolate. Yum! Cheers!


Ziggurat Cuisine Makati

I forget how many times Evan raved about this place and we did plan to check it out a couple of times. But you know people from Q.C. always find it hard to meander to Makati. We considered sampling Damaso subversive Filipino food at Greenbelt 5 because of the lecture we attended earlier that day but I’m glad we went for Ziggurat.

At first glance, Ziggurat cuisine seems like a modest restaurant tucked in one of those shady corners of the redlight district.  Oh but once you have the menu spread in front of you, you’ll know it’s far from being ordinary. It sounded Greek, Persian and Middle Eastern in general. But what’s weird is that there were also curries so it’s also partly Indian and I also saw some African specialties. I honestly am lost as to what just Ziggurat is all about.  It’s one extensive menu (like about 5 restaurants rolled into one) that you’d probably find it difficult to order. Even just the rice variants were a handful.


Anyway Evan got an order of hummus and some bread for our appetizer. For the main course he ordered vegan kebabs (gluten) and Afghani rice while I got grilled eggplant, tomatoes, onions and a bowl of Iraqi Saffron rice. Evan wanted to order mushroom kebabs but it was not available. I also ordered some small items on top of what I ordered but I was told that those had to be pre-ordered. I love both their onion sauce and their hot sauce so almost everything about this food joint is perfect. For dessert, we shared baklava. We were full, yes, but we were already there so I got myself a cup of brewed coffee and chatted away.


Yes, it was a vegan affair. I like sharing and I won’t be able to share my food if I ordered anything with meat, right? I didn’t crave for meat that night so that says a lot about the food. The spices were a world of wonders (shining shimmering splendid). Well, I did not think that the vegan kebabs tasted like meat but it wasn’t bad at all.

Now I’m really regretting that that Greek cooking class did not push through. I’ll try to find one again soon. Meantime, who wants to go to Ziggurat and sample a fourth of their menu? haha!


*less than a week after the first visit, I went back to Ziggurat. I’ll put up a link here soon.

Al Batra (Makati Ave)

IMG_2634 We were all set for Jerusalem but they were closed. I don’t want to think that it’s for good and the sign which says soon to open is quite reassuring. We walked a bit and found ourselves in yet another Mediterranean/Indian food joint called Al Batra. It’s just across Jerusalem along Makati Ave but look up as they’re on the second floor.

Cy got an all meat one while Phil and I got the Al Batra Mixed Grill and an order of Biryani rice. Both platters were served with fries and pita bread on top and garlic sauce and mild tangy hot sauce on the side. I forgot to order salads but the kebabs were served over a hefty layer of onions and various vegetables so it was alright.


What’s wrong with me, it’s more than alright. The place is huge (both the smoking area and non-smoking area)! They have a lot on their menu. They have breakfast items (san ka pa?!) They have a long list of beverages including hot coffee, cold coffee, teas and shakes that they’d do just fine as a coffee shop. Best of all, they’re open 24/7! I guess it’s not very fancy in terms of ambiance… oh but it’ll do! See you there!

P.S. I really enjoyed the band Soju when we watched a random gig at SaGuijo. I wish to watch them again some time. And I’ll be ready for some rockin and dancin!

stopping for coffee: 24 hour Filling Station

I needed coffee. Yes, that is exactly the word I wanted. And because we went all the way to Makati for a gig, I won’t settle for Starbucks or any of those conventional coffee shops. We went round and round until we saw a cozy nook. Little did we know that that cozy nook was merely the take out counter and there is a restaurant upstairs. Sweet.

Phil ordered Irish coffee (something that I did not want to order and I was right. hahaha). I ordered iced brewed coffee and caramel mac that I mixed together because right now I am super addicted to double and triple shots with lots of flavor and cups like that. I also ordered mango freeze and while I was eating it, I convinced another guest to try it out. Either it’s that good, it’s that appetizing or I ate with much gusto. It’s one of those restos that is probably a bit overpriced but I think we’ll try their breakfast one of these days because I want to take shots of the whole lot and because I love 24 hour joints.

This guy, flirts like mad. haha. my type.

Borough: 24/7 Comfort Food

I don’t even know where to begin. Shall I start with ambiance or shall I start with their fare?

Borough, that I originally spelled with an S, is apparently something that you can find in a dictionary. Hahaha!

Anyway, I loved it, at least from our first visit. It was surprising that I opted for a pasta dish considering that that usually is in the bottom of my list. Why shouldn’t I? It sounded different and it got me really curious. I ordered Homemade Pumpkin Ravioli with basil puree, bits of cranberry and pecan nuts. My verdict? It was heavenly. I can’t think of any other way to describe it. I’ve yet to ask if there is a vegan option after which I’d have to bring someone there. Right? And I really can’t think of how it cannot be vegan!!!

Phil read it from the paper and as we had nothing else planned we decided to give it a try. I did not expect much from it because oftentimes American food spells blah, well, for me. Somehow, they’re too bland, too fatty, too boring and too big a serving. My expectations then were somewhat close to that before having that order of ravioli.

Phil on the other hand got Sole Amandine, something that I never heard of. He said he has read good things about it a couple of times from books so he just had to try it. He says it is fish that tastes like steak. It could be the fish or the way they cooked to perfection. Whatever the case is, it’s all good.

I think Borough is something so simple and something a bit fancy at the same time. Most of their viands are familiar but they spruce it up a bit. The result is warmth and goodness.

Have I mentioned I loved the interiors? Everything about it impressed me. The upholstery, the half-finished bar and walls, the pipes used for the staircase and legs of the tables, the lighting, the wall filled with mirrors and etc. It is a wonder they pulled it off!

Actually I don’t remember the rest, I’m guessing that’s a serving of salad, philly cheese steak, steak and eggs and onion soup.

You have to try their fries too. I would say you can drop by for other kinds of beers but it is not so reliable. We have tried chocolate buffalo wings but it didn’t taste so chocolatey at all and it also didn’t look appetizing enough so nothing fancy. Borough is costly but for those up to try something new, surely you can spare some more.