Forte at Maginhawa St.


I was reading about food joints along Maginhawa St. and was a little bit embarrassed that I haven’t heard of more than 5 of what was on that list. I am supposedly a food lover, who loves trying out new food joints, who resides in Sikatuna, preposterous!

When Elaine invited me out for coffee near our area, I suggested this place. I remember reading an article saying this place has a grand piano but I didn’t see no grand piano! Boo. But anyway my friend and I were both happy with what we ordered. I forgot what she had but I tasted the perfect bittersweet concoction that would beat Starbuck’s Dark Mocha any day (I should ask her what it was). I got the Mozart Trio (because I wanted to take pretty pictures). It’s a shot of espresso topped with pistachio ice cream, whipped cream and pistachio bits. You know, stuff dreams are made of.


Sweet Ecstasy Cubao Expo

IMG_2653Not having an item on the menu is a big turn off most especially if it’s the customer’s first time. Having said that, it’s such a shame that the Sriracha lime buffalo wings of Sweet Ecstasy was not available. A shame especially because I loved everything else we had. I decided that we’ll just share a meal and check out another place at Cubao Expo since I didn’t want to order another burger.

Phil opted for the Nutella shake, cheeseburger and fries. I’m not a big fan of all-American fast food but this has a homemade touch in them. As Phil said, eating it brought him back. His sister used to make a batch exactly like that when they were kids. The snack is quite filling especially with the milk shake but if you can share it, it’s just about right. I loved the burger but Phil thought the patty was too thin. You should listen to him cause he’s the real burger lover. While the burger looked gross with mayo, it was nothing like that.  It was juicy and it was a wonderfully flavored helping I didn’t expect.

IMG_2655The shake according to Phil was sweet. I think there’s no other way to make a shake that goes with a burger. And to those like me who don’t really enjoy milkshakes as much, well there’s always beer to down burgers with. While it is still an expensive food joint and the menu is limited, I feel like Johnny Rockets should head for the hills. They have beer shakes too and I’ll tell you all about them once I geared myself up to the challenge.


Here’s to girls who eat what they want! (I’m supposedly on a strict diet at the time.) Cheers!

Dolce Amore for coffee and cakes

IMG_1652IMG_1654Hidden in the lower ground level of the building Dolce Amore is worth it. Okay… So we were driving around in circles and I was being a brat. We were bored, tired and craving for sweets and we finally decided to settle for something we have already tried. Then came this cozy cafe’s signage and so I was appeased. It does not always work out but if it could I would very much like to try out something new every time.IMG_1651

I love everything about this coffee shop. Not much people. Hidden from the busy street. Wi-fi. Not so expensive but far from “cheap”. And of course there were lot of items to sample!

  IMG_1657 IMG_1658 IMG_1650 IMG_1653 IMG_1649

It’s so nice to try a new place with a group because you get to taste evvvrrrything, well, almost. One more time!



My rate is embarrassing! I can’t believe that this is only my 3rd or 4th post here! I am an extraordinary food machine so this is just unacceptable! Anyway, this was way back March so whoa. Kinda hard to write about food when it’s too long ago. But I remember that I went there particularly because of the candied bacon cheesecake. As I’ve said in my older Banapple post their helpings are rich and sweet so I was not expecting much from the roast beef. Surprisingly I liked it. The salad was just so-so but fortunately I forget what it’s called. The cake was alright I guess but I wish bakeshops and coffee shops would consider having baby servings for my kind. Phil and I can’t even finish a slice shared.

IMG_0564 IMG_0567 IMG_0568 IMG_0572

Oh my! Whatever happened to my enthusiasm in the beginning of the year?! Cheerio!

Sancho Churreria Manila at Maginhawa

I’ve lost my faith in Maginhawa food stalls after a big letdown by one of the restaurants we visited. I often say I will try this and that soon  but the truth is that they’re at the bottom of the list of things I want to try. That or maybe it’s just near our place so I tend to look farther. Anyway we ended up at Sancho Churreria Manila because that was the nearest place I could think of where our group can have a dose of sugar. It was actually weird because I wasn’t expecting to have dessert especially that we had bottles of beer right after dinner, our 2nd helping of Woorijib that day.

Honks ordered a slice of blueberry cheesecake and a cream puff. Migs, Phil and I opted for 2 orders of churros con tsokolate. Daddy Jowi had a cup of coffee and a chocolate eclair. But anyway we ended up sharing everything so each got to sample their desserts.


All of us went crazy over the cheesecake and we also enjoyed the plate of churros thoroughly. I was thinking to myself that the tsokolate isn’t exactly made the traditional way in the sense that it is not as thick as it is supposed to be. I think it may be watered down however I loved it more. I mean this is a cup of tsokolate that you can actually drink after dipping and eating all the churros served with it. The traditional thick concoction is too rich for me so the watered down part turned out to be a plus.

Their 85-peso plate of churros is quite a treat and the menu for main courses looks promising. This calls for another visit! I guess I’d have to rethink my assessment of Maginhawa street. Maybe not all of the nooks are just “trending”. Funny how that word sounds hellishly negative to me.

and Cheers!

Picture Perfect: Banapple Katipunan

I finally promised myself that I would taste, take pictures of and blog about cakes for other people’s sake. I mean, even if I am no sweet tooth, others actually can’t live without their dose of sugar after every meal so that’s gotta be something right? Banapple is the first thing that came to my mind because everyone else was raving about it.

These are actually Malaine’s and Cris’ orders that I just tasted. (I just had Bicol Express with triple trips to the rice cooker so you can imagine how full I was) That’s Cris down there. She’s as sweet as Banapple’s interiors don’t you think?

Downstairs it is very crowded and noisy and if you do not secure a decent table you will end up in the area where people are lining up to order. It’s bad. Meanwhile it’s very spacious upstairs but as people are addicted to air conditioning, none seem to appreciate the candy colored space on the second floor. I suggest to drop by late in the afternoon so you can enjoy your meals and desserts upstairs and it won’t be too hot.

That’s Malaine and Cris and yes the apple shirt is no accident. (ugh, those are ugly pictures of cakes! not at all appetizing, I need some practice.)

As for desserts, better to share so that you get to try a lot. Maybe visit with a sweet tooth so you can just give the person your leftovers or something. My favorite right now is Coffee Toffee Roca Pie (I just had to look that up!) because of its coffee undertones and because it’s not as sweet as their Banofee pie. I actually like Starbucks’ but it’s so expensive! and such a little portion but just right for me hahaha! (this post is like super antique so I have to upload! haha!)