Kulot BBQ (Mati, Davao Oriental)

Just across that big and fancy La-ne’s Kan-anan restaurant in Bonifacio St. is Kulot BBQ. It’s nothing fancy. Actually, it’s more of a “hole” than a “hole in the wall” as their walls are only made of thick tarp.  They got a few monobloc tables and chairs set up. They didn’t even have ice when they served us water (You can always order cheap sodas which hopefully are chilled). We were starving from the long trip and I couldn’t care less where and what we’d eat. So it’s a surprise that I am now raving how awesome it was.IMG_8032

When I say awesome, I mean it. I think it’s the best barbecues I’ve tried as is. We sampled chicken bbq, isaw manok, longganiza and pork bbq. Its grilled meat tastes very good even without the dipping sauce. Most of the isawans I know often make it to the top of my list because of their perfectly sour, spicy and sweet sauce with vinegar, calamansi, onions and chili. This one offered a different sauce which had liver sauce for base (Mang Tomas). I think maybe watered down with a bit of vinegar or something. It was alright too but I think the meat was good enough without it.

I considered that perhaps we were just hungry the first time around so we gave it another shot. But yes, It was still as awesome! Our first bill was 131 and the second was 140. This is for two people with a cup of rice each.

I think chicken barbecues are generally perfected in these parts as a lot of people don’t eat pork and sometimes also abstain from beef. As many people opt for chicken, I guess they know how to do it right. It’s perfectly cooked; far from dry but with no traces of raw flesh. The taste is smoky, juicy and tasty without being salty. I’m struggling for words here. But to simplify, it’s the best and hell I don’t know what I’ll do if I get cravings in the near future. I wish I knew their secret. Do you? Aloha!


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