Argos and The Pillars (Makati)

It’s a must to try something different whenever I’m in Makati because it takes effort to get anywhere other than Quezon City. We’ve been dining at Zigurrat for some toime and we could see this place from there. The food was far from ordinary but I think there is still room for improvement. The serving was bigger than the usual and the side dishes were wonderful. The variety made it a more satisfying meal.

I love the ambiance too. I love the decor and I hope I can go back to take pictures of them during daytime. I felt very comfortable in that corner even though I know there are a lot of snatchers in the area. The number of foreigners also made me feel like I’m in another place. I kinda miss that feeling as it’s been a while since I traveled.

TotalCollage_DQWXJ-KEOGITotalCollage_FAXA9-M6H12TotalCollage_P0ADQ-ZBDB1We were hoping to have coffee after the meal we had at Argos but we found The Pillars and decided to get a new beer with that cup of coffee. hahaha. I fell in love with that place too and I think I’ll go back just to check if they have new beers to add to my collection.

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