Eleven Tables – Kapitolyo

After getting lost, finding out they only open doors just in time for dinner and being informed they’re closed on Sundays I got lucky and finally tried Eleven Tables. I didn’t know what to expect really. My first fondue experience at Old Swiss Inn was a little but of a culture shock because the “basic” cheese fondue they served had a strong wine taste (and I have to admit I am no wine enthusiast). Eleven Tables also had mixed reviews so I didn’t know what to believe. While I thought I might appreciate that they “adjusted” their fondue to Filipino taste, I was anxious that that also meant being salty or sweetish. But anyway, I loved it!IMG_7748

I kind of regret ordering lamb stew because my mindset was trying out at least 2 different types of fondues. When Phil and I saw the menu we looked at each other and understood we had to have lamb. But anyway I enjoyed it heartily but thought it was too pricey. We ended up trying only one kind of fondue: three cheese and Shitake. I was pretty happy with the fondue and thought the cheese was perfect but I’m sure others will find it bland. I mean cheeselovers here in the Philippines are more like fans of cheddar and salted mozzarella.
IMG_7751IMG_7755I was disappointed that the chorizos which was a new addition to the menu were not available. We enjoyed an additional order of sausages with beer but it was nothing special.
It’s best to try Eleven Tables with a big group so you can try different kinds of fondue in one sitting. I am intrigued of their wine all you can affair when I think about trying out the other fondues.  Plus the place is interesting. I like the menu, the paintings and of course what they sell. I got myself that truffle sampler which I’m yet to experiment with.


I enjoyed the evening with Phil, my boyfriend and his dad. Beer pa!

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