Cafe 205 – Katipunan Extension

IMG_7498IMG_7495 IMG_7494

Cafe 205 is one of the restaurants I want to try in Katipunan Extension along with Basil, Earth Kitchen, Old Oven Cafe and etc. I often rant of eating at the same place over and over when there are so many I haven’t sampled as near as Katipunan. To my defense, that strip is not at all friendly to commuters like me. Anyway, I ordered a plate of tossed green salad. Jodi got spinach and ricotta ravioli and Phil stuck with grilled chorizo. So far, nothing impressed me. Ravioli often is a safe bet for me but this one was not that spectacular. The chorizo did not taste like it and my salad needed more feta cheese. 
I don’t know about the “bakery” part though because I didn’t try any of the breads or desserts they have. The place and the service was not bad but the food really has to be better. Perhaps we missed on ordering their specialties but really they have to offer something more for their packaging and price. Oh but let’s try one more time.


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