A Review – Ultimate Taste Test 2013

IMG_5839I checked out Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test last September 14 and this time around I was able to enjoy it. In the previous post I picked my top 5 and this one’s a rundown of things that would make or break your taste test experience.

  • Savory versus sweet – It matters that half of the food stalls served dessert. If you are planning to skip having dessert, you will be disappointed. I doubt if you’d be satisfied with the 585 bill in mind if you only got savory picks. Sure it can be filling but it’d be from the burger buns, pitas, rice and not really meats.
  • Taste test  – It’d do you no good to consider that it is an eat all you can affair. It’s not. You won’t have second helpings even if you wanted to. Only a few stalls sold their food items so it’s also not a bazaar. If you expect to bring home a lot of goods, you are mistaken.
  • Comfort – The tables with chairs weren’t inside the tent and while it is covered it still wasn’t 100% weatherproof. Half of the eating then was done standing in a corner or walking through the mesh of people, bag and plate in hand. The restrooms were kept clean and there were no queues.
  • Serving size – This I think is the most important yet it’s really tricky. If you liked something you naturally want more of it and other times you’d think you wasted stomach space. But I do think some were too small that you’d actually feel deprived like The Sultry Chef’s roast beef which was good but smaller than a bite size. It makes you feel less of a “food critic” if you’re eating mini scraps and makes you wonder about the 585 pesos you spent. Having said that, I’d like to commend Yuan’s for giving the “tasters” a choice between bite-sized portions and a chicken wing. On the other hand, if the serving is too big you’d be too full to appreciate other foods. What I did was ask for smaller helpings if I knew it was heavy or split it with a friend.
  • Happy place – Most of the owners or attendants were enthusiastic to serve you. It added to the overall ambiance and made me feel good the entire time. They did well in entertaining questions of the tasters and their passion was also intoxicating. I was wondering if all public food stalls were like that, perhaps Mondays or rush hours won’t be as bad.

It’s not for everyone of course. It’s meant for people who are adventurous. It’s inspiring. It’s kind of a one-stop place for hand-picked food items prepared by passionate people and that makes you feel lucky.

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  1. Yuan's Wings

     /  September 19, 2013

    Thanks for the special mention on Yuan’s Wings. Hoped you liked it as well. Regards! -Yuan’s Wings

  2. penpenpenpen

     /  October 15, 2013

    Hi! I was on the said event too and I’m almost halfway but wasn’t really able to try everything as I’m already full! I even made a plan on saving the desserts for last but I gave up easily because I can feel the space filling up. Hihi! Overall, it was a great event :)


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