Learning Recipes in Sariaya

 There were a few surprises in the 4-weekend trips to Sariaya (our province) and one of them is learning recipes.IMG_2097

  • Leche flan by Lala and Len’s mom
  • Shawerma by Nolan and Len
  • Nanay’s embutido (a kind of meatloaf)
  • Nanay’s utak na sopas 
  • Instant Chicken Fajitas



I guess this shouldn’t count as a recipe because it’s instant. But, it seems simple enough and I think I can easily manage my own recipe so it’s all good. I was happy to try it out because I kinda lack chicken recipes. Plus with my white onion sauce


it would be gastronomical.

It’s daunting for someone who is not into baking but I promise to try making a batch of Leche flan real soon. I should have taken advantage of the free eggs we got from uncles but it was just too soon. Meanwhile, their version of shawerma with longganizang Lucban is a sure winner. People in Manila go crazy over longganiza so any dish you incorporate it with is good.

Ahh. I can’t believe I pulled off making nanay’s utak na sopas in one try (You should have seen how fast people devoured that evil evil soup). It’s a heartwarming dish yes, but it’s hard to get by in Manila and thinking about cholesterol is quite discouraging. Oh but I am proud and maybe I’ll try it again on special occasions.

It was all enjoyable but it was making nanay’s embutido that I found most interesting. I prepared it together with my sister, my cousins, my aunts while being pestered by know it all uncles. We weren’t able to perfect it but it didn’t matter. It was the first time the 9-year old twins “mooshed” meat with their hands and that alone made it worth it. Maybe it was most exciting for them!
TotalCollage_WDZE7-L9XQBIt wasn’t well-documented but who cares, it was grand. Food surely brings people together. Since you’re busy and stuck in the kitchen, you’d end up chatting and laughing together, maybe even have a beer or two. I do hope I get the chance again to spend time with my family “learning recipes”. Speaking of which, Tita Baby also is a wondrous cook and these two here will also be a part of my list along with her chame with isaw. I look forward to cooking and tasting all those.
I’d have to post another one for the sweets part okay? Cheers!
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