Nomnomnom – E. Rodriguez


Not being a big fan of cheese it’s totally understandable that a foodie such as I was a late bloomer in blue cheese appreciation. Partly it’s waytoo expensive to experiment on. It was Big Sky Mind’s shrooms with garlic dip that first introduced me to blue cheese. It was not even unadulterated as the dip only had faint tones of blue cheese. If you ask me it’s the perfect introductory blue cheese-ish dish for finicky people. Haha! I like how that sounds.


Anyway I ordered little boy blue pizza from Nomnomnom as I am currently enjoying wonders of the cheese’s rich taste a dish at a time. Jodi ordered Malinomnom, a tinapa pizza. Little boy blue may be too rich for amateurs so order it with beer or something. Malinomnom was a bit too salty for my taste. We also ordered cheese pockets (I can’t remember if it was malunggay in it or what), summer salad and onion rings. Even the deep fried helpings tasted refreshing so whoever is behind the food joint is really good at experimenting. However I would have appreciated the salad more if it wasn’t swimming in dressing. They can toss some dressing in the salad and put some on the side so that people like me won’t be too overwhelmed. Oh but Nomnomnom always delivers, I like it very much and I have recommended it to a number of people.


It’s not only the food that makes it special. Nomnomnom also has fancy interiors. Whether you want to have a heavy meal or some light snacks, they’d have something for you. In fact they also have coffee and dessert on their menu. If I remember correctly they also serve beer. It’s perfect for friends, for lovers or for people who just visited 10-A Alabama. Cheers!


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