Green Tomato – Shangri-la Mall

Used to blog chronologically. I often have at least 10 posts in line meaning my posts are probably around a month late. Because of that I don’t care anymore which comes first. It usually depends on my mood. For instance if I feel like blogging desserts then I’ll work on those first. Other times I choose the more interesting posts (in terms of food, prices, interiors and other gimmicks). Sometimes I try to skip the negative posts altogether as I doubt if ranting would do me any good.


Anyway, the long intro is because this joint has been long overdue. Thus, forgetting what the dishes we ordered were called shall be excused! Phil ordered a beef shank in tomato sauce viand while I couldn’t miss the opportunity to order another spinach and truffle pizza. The beef shank was alright I guess but the pizza of course was awesome! I initially wanted to order ravioli but they ran out. As I’ve said in my other posts, it’s a bit annoying when they don’t have what you have picked out after minutes of skimming through the menu. I think after ordering 3 dishes which were not available at the time, I finally gave up and simply asked which were actually available. Lucky them I was happy with the pizza. Haha.

I think restaurants should only put items that they will always have access to. The occasional running out of whatever type of vegetable is alright but if it’s more than one dish that is currently unavailable and it’s on the menu, it is a problem. Think truffle and be happy! Cheers


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