Chelsea Market and Cafe – Serendra


It’s our first time to try Chelsea Market and Café and we were about 15 minutes early. And I was in the position to whine because it’s a part of the very late celebration of our 8th anniversary. For breakfast we shared Eggs Benedict (450 pesos) and Peach Mango Rhum Waffles (395 pesos).


The eggs were perfect and the waffles, divine. And while Hollandaise sauce was not as citrusy as I hoped, slices of oranges made up for it. The bacon was exquisite and the vegetables were fresh. And the dessert? Everything about it was fancy. Both were listed as individual plates but it was more than enough to fill us up. What is breakfast without coffee? Yes we had coffee which was served with Chocnut (110 pesos). It made me smile of course. Was it good? Of course it was. Was it worth it? With that thick slab of double smoked bacon, I guess so. Was it something I’ll go back for? Probably not, it’s still way too expensive and I’m quite confident I can do something close at home (well, given the right ingredients of course).



We felt like we chose well and we took advantage of every minute of our leisurely breakfast. Here’s to celebrating anniversaries after a month of waiting (impatiently). Cheers man!

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