Ziggurat Cuisine Makati

I forget how many times Evan raved about this place and we did plan to check it out a couple of times. But you know people from Q.C. always find it hard to meander to Makati. We considered sampling Damaso subversive Filipino food at Greenbelt 5 because of the lecture we attended earlier that day but I’m glad we went for Ziggurat.

At first glance, Ziggurat cuisine seems like a modest restaurant tucked in one of those shady corners of the redlight district.  Oh but once you have the menu spread in front of you, you’ll know it’s far from being ordinary. It sounded Greek, Persian and Middle Eastern in general. But what’s weird is that there were also curries so it’s also partly Indian and I also saw some African specialties. I honestly am lost as to what just Ziggurat is all about.  It’s one extensive menu (like about 5 restaurants rolled into one) that you’d probably find it difficult to order. Even just the rice variants were a handful.


Anyway Evan got an order of hummus and some bread for our appetizer. For the main course he ordered vegan kebabs (gluten) and Afghani rice while I got grilled eggplant, tomatoes, onions and a bowl of Iraqi Saffron rice. Evan wanted to order mushroom kebabs but it was not available. I also ordered some small items on top of what I ordered but I was told that those had to be pre-ordered. I love both their onion sauce and their hot sauce so almost everything about this food joint is perfect. For dessert, we shared baklava. We were full, yes, but we were already there so I got myself a cup of brewed coffee and chatted away.


Yes, it was a vegan affair. I like sharing and I won’t be able to share my food if I ordered anything with meat, right? I didn’t crave for meat that night so that says a lot about the food. The spices were a world of wonders (shining shimmering splendid). Well, I did not think that the vegan kebabs tasted like meat but it wasn’t bad at all.

Now I’m really regretting that that Greek cooking class did not push through. I’ll try to find one again soon. Meantime, who wants to go to Ziggurat and sample a fourth of their menu? haha!


*less than a week after the first visit, I went back to Ziggurat. I’ll put up a link here soon.

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