This fancy lunch was not planned thus I sadly missed on taking wonderful photos of the food as well as the interiors of Zucchini’s. We ordered pumpkin soup, lamb and risotto and sea urchin pasta. The pumpkin soup aromatic yet refreshing and I love it that they used spring onions, sour cream and basil (I’ve got to try it at home!). It’s not thin but not too thick either so you wouldn’t get tired of this helping.

I did not like Phil’s order because the marinade almost overpowered the taste of lamb. Maybe I just can’t learn to love sweet marinades such as barbecue sauces. There was nothing fancy about the risotto but the side dish was a big surprise. The carrots were so flavorful and I don’t have an idea how they did it. I could identify garlic and parsley but there was something else in it. Or was it the carrot that was fresh and sweet?

The sea urchin pasta was really rich but not that spectacular. You can order it because it’s something adventurous but don’t expect much. I can’t say anything just yet. I have to visit again before I make more recommendations. In the meantime, I will tell you that they’re expensive and they close after lunch and open again for dinner. Cheers!

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