Arya (Podium)

I have every right to be intimidated with Arya because they’re just grand! Can’t believe it took me this long to try out this joint. This cuisine is one of those that I will never say no to but somehow the interiors (and the menu) made me very hesitant. It must be the lavish chandeliers and décor that spelled expensive to me. Anyway it’s not as expensive as I thought. An order can actually be shared by two and the helping of rice was enough for me to worry about my diet. Meantime the meat helping will probably make you a little bit bloated but sharing will make you crave for more. So I guess you can share a platter then get an order of salad or dessert.IMG_2618

I got beef tenderloin and Phil got lamb (not in the photo). It was served with onions, tomatoes and vegetables too so there’s no need to order more.  If there is one thing that really disappointed me, it’s the sauce, it was sweet and tasted close to mayonnaise. And I’m really particular about that. Luckily even though they didn’t have the sauce I wanted they did offer to give me tzatziki when I asked for a “more sour” dip. For the record, my favorite garlic/onion/yoghurt dips include Jerusalem’s (although they charge you for it), Hossein’s, Behrouz (although it seems to be watered down) and Ziggurat. I forget others but I’ll make a list some time.

We had too much rice so we had tea. We really are getting old.


Gracefully I hope. Cheers!

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