Vinegar goes East!

Remember my post on how vinegar is used for marinades and dipping sauces in Filipino cuisine? This is like a second helping only it’s not limited to Filipino dishes. It’s quick, fast and not as fattening so how else can it not be perfect?

  • black vinegar, premium soy sauce and ginger shavings is a refreshing dipping sauce for various kinds of dimsum. The most the traditional is soy sauce, calamansi and chili and garlic sauce (at least in Manila) but you can try this for a change.
  • vinegar, chili and chopped Italian cilantro is the perfect dipping sauce for various dishes such as fried fish, fried chicken or pork fillets. It’s sour, spicy and it has that Asian touch which enlivens the otherwise boring fried food.
  • black vinegar, chili oil and garlic, chopped green onion is a world of interesting flavors perfect for the simple steamed chicken. If that sounds a bit ordinary, pair it with cheese sticks instead. It tastes different and is less cloying than mayonnaise based dips.
  • vinegar, chopped garlic and maple syrup makes perfect dressing for raw shredded vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, turnip, cucumber and others. Top with chopped nuts and you get a wonderful Asian side dish. You can also use sugar or honey in place of maple syrup. Either way it would be worlds better than the thousand islands dressing.
  • vinegar and sweet chili sauce is great with fried Vietnamese, Thai spring rolls or any other roll for that matter. It’s a little bit of everything with sour, sweet and spicy tones.

Diluting vinegar with water makes wonders in making the taste more balanced. If you have to you can also put salt or fish sauce to the dipping sauces.

I’m no traveler and I’m no chef but I like food and lists! Cheers!

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