Max Brenner and Cafe Breton

IMG_2471Max Brenner is something I found intimidating due to its location at Greenbelt. Remember it used to be so near the Hermes boutique which suggested that their chocolates were as expensive? (sobra naman!) ahaha! And it was indeed a bit steep when we tried it at Mall of Asia. But I think it’s worth the splurge most especially for chocolate lovers. The thing about dessert is that it is not like a meal, it can always be shared so if you find it too expensive then split it with a friend or two. Sampling will be quite slow I suppose but meet your friends often and soon you’ll finish the whole menu! Hahaha. Sorry that I cannot remember our orders. One choco granite I think and something else. I am betting that you will be happy with whatever you’d pick out. They’re just not the ordinary dessert place.

IMG_2602Unlike Max Brenner, Café Breton is a place I call home. I remember this server (Podium branch) who recognized me no matter how much I weigh (thin, gained a bit, gained a lot), no matter what I wore (jeans, skirt, etc) and no matter what my hairstyle was (long, short, bald, under a hat). The surprising thing there is that I wasn’t even a regular customer. He’s that good!

I love Breton because of their savory crepes. My favorite has always been Dracula. It’s got cheese, onions and tomatoes and I use a bit of Tabasco for a bit of heat. I like their coffee beverage list (especially at the time when “modern” coffee shops were still not around). And of course I love it that you can make your own crepe. Hahaha! Signing my name over a dish is a weakness! It’s weird though that I rarely blog it (well, because it’s not exactly something new).

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