Cakes at Sancho’s Churreria, Maginhawa

We got to try a slice of frozen blueberry cheesecake, sansrival and the raspberry cheesecake (I’m not sure if I got all them correctly though).

The raspberry cheesecake tasted just fine. I wouldn’t rave about the frosting or the toppings but the sponge itself surely was moist, rich and lovely. IMG_3420

The sansrival on the other hand is the nutty and chewy kind which I happen to like. But I equally like the buttery type that does not require a knife. The one that melts even before you put it in your mouth. Actually I like sansrival even if  I don’t have a sweet tooth so most helpings will garner nothing but praises. haha! The same goes for sylvannas and the like (how do you spell that?). IMG_3424

The frozen blueberry cheesecake was the one that did not deliver. It was gelatinous which is something that I don’t like in cakes. But anyway the other blueberry cheesecake slice at Sancho’s is also good so just pick that one.IMG_3425

The good thing about this joint in Maginhawa is that they also have meals which are equally good. Not spectacular as fireworks but they’re still something that would make you feel good about your day or your weekend. Cheers!

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