Sweet Ecstasy Cubao Expo

IMG_2653Not having an item on the menu is a big turn off most especially if it’s the customer’s first time. Having said that, it’s such a shame that the Sriracha lime buffalo wings of Sweet Ecstasy was not available. A shame especially because I loved everything else we had. I decided that we’ll just share a meal and check out another place at Cubao Expo since I didn’t want to order another burger.

Phil opted for the Nutella shake, cheeseburger and fries. I’m not a big fan of all-American fast food but this has a homemade touch in them. As Phil said, eating it brought him back. His sister used to make a batch exactly like that when they were kids. The snack is quite filling especially with the milk shake but if you can share it, it’s just about right. I loved the burger but Phil thought the patty was too thin. You should listen to him cause he’s the real burger lover. While the burger looked gross with mayo, it was nothing like that.  It was juicy and it was a wonderfully flavored helping I didn’t expect.

IMG_2655The shake according to Phil was sweet. I think there’s no other way to make a shake that goes with a burger. And to those like me who don’t really enjoy milkshakes as much, well there’s always beer to down burgers with. While it is still an expensive food joint and the menu is limited, I feel like Johnny Rockets should head for the hills. They have beer shakes too and I’ll tell you all about them once I geared myself up to the challenge.


Here’s to girls who eat what they want! (I’m supposedly on a strict diet at the time.) Cheers!

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