Galli Village Café at Maginhawa

IMG_1034The name sounds so inviting. It made me think of home brews, organic coffee beans, alamid coffee and a cozy nook where you can curl with a cup of coffee in your hand. But unfortunately I misinterpreted “café” because they only had a single coffee item on the menu and I’m not even sure if it’s brewed. We ended up ordering paella (255 for 2-3 people or 495 for 4-5 people)which was also not that spectacular.

We ordered juices which were marked as house specialties but those turned out to be those synthetic ones, probably powdered or concentrated syrup diluted with water. It was a disappointment. The location was perfect and the overall feel was acceptable. They were nice too and I guess the food was not that bad. It’s just one dish we’ve tried out of many. But they have to live up to the expectations or they’d end up closing down soon. They should at least change their approach so that they won’t mislead people.

So was it called “village” because it’s in Sikatuna VILLAGE? Wild guess. But anyway let me order other viands before we forget about this joint.

IMG_1035 IMG_1037 IMG_1039

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  1. Ms.P

     /  June 29, 2013

    Hi, but I beg to disagree with this. I celebrated my birthday there and the food was really good *hands down*. I super loved their paella , shrimp gambas and leche flan! I actually went back 2 weeks after my birthday! hehehe. But seriously, I have nothing bad to say against them (food, location and service). Maybe you should try eating there again.

    • Yes, yes. I will soon. I live nearby. Since you mentioned I’ll try out gambas and leche flan. I like the location and the service too. It’s the packaging that was a bit off.

  2. Inna

     /  June 29, 2013

    Maybe you’re right about the beverages, drinks are probably not their specialty. But you should seriously try their other dishes like the lengua estofado. Also their angus beef tapa — but make sure you tell them to upgrade to garlic rice! I agree with Ms. P — the gambas is great! This is actually my go-to place when I feel like leaving the office and having comfort food for lunch. Hope you enjoy your next visit!

  3. Food lover

     /  June 29, 2013

    The paella was spectacular for me! Me and my officemates really loved it! Specially that they always serve it generously with prawns at a very reasonable price 👍. Try their Gambas and salpicao ! Super Sarap!!! 👍😍😃

  4. Galli Village Cafe

     /  June 30, 2013

    Come visit Galli again and try our shrimp gambas, angus beef tapa and lengua estofado at complimentary…so you can try our other superb best selling dishes…kindly write us in our facebook page you preferred visit and we will arrange it accordingly. Thank you

    • That’s really sweet and awesome! But really, it’s not necessary. I’ll just take note of all your specialties alright and drop by in the near future. Cheers!


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