Forte at Maginhawa St.


I was reading about food joints along Maginhawa St. and was a little bit embarrassed that I haven’t heard of more than 5 of what was on that list. I am supposedly a food lover, who loves trying out new food joints, who resides in Sikatuna, preposterous!

When Elaine invited me out for coffee near our area, I suggested this place. I remember reading an article saying this place has a grand piano but I didn’t see no grand piano! Boo. But anyway my friend and I were both happy with what we ordered. I forgot what she had but I tasted the perfect bittersweet concoction that would beat Starbuck’s Dark Mocha any day (I should ask her what it was). I got the Mozart Trio (because I wanted to take pretty pictures). It’s a shot of espresso topped with pistachio ice cream, whipped cream and pistachio bits. You know, stuff dreams are made of.

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  1. I love this place. Even their capuccino tastes different


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