Part I – Simply Vinegar (Filipino Delights)

Here, I listed down the ways vinegar can be used to make your homemade dishes a little bit more special. I start of with Filipino helpings before moving on to the others.

  1. vinegar + garlic + salt + pepper This is probably the most basic dipping sauce for inihaw na liempo and weird as it may seem, it is also pretty much what you need for marinating pork belly for grilling.
  2. vinegar + red onions + siling labuyo It’s not too far from the first one but this is what I use as dip for chicharon and various types of pancit that need suka.
  3. vinegar + soy sauce + calamansi + tomato This is the partner for fried, steamed or grilled seafood. You can also pair it with eggplant, kangkong, talbos ng kamote and etc.
  4. vinegar + green capsicums + green chili + salted egg + cucumber + white and red onions It sounds more complicated than the others but it’s just as easy. Use this for making kinilaw. If it is fish make sure you leave it long enough to cook it thoroughly. Otherwise, this can be plainly vegetables, seaweed and mushrooms.
  5. vinegar + soy sauce + red and white onions + ginger + sugar + green onions This is like a giveaway tokwa’t baboy or tokwa’t tokwa is great with this vinegar-based dipping sauce. No wonder it is a favorite, everything is in there.

And my little secret is diluting vinegar with water if it tastes too strong before mixing it with the other ingredients. It says there part 1 right? So, there’s going to be another helping. Cheerio!

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