Filipino Fusion: Recipes

It’s only Phil (the boyfriend) and I who go out and try to taste the world. Most of the time, we order two viands as it’s usually more than enough for us. What I’m trying to say is this blog only samples a few items on the menu of a food joint unlike other bloggers who can virtually order everything on the menu (for whatever reason). While my family and relatives often eat out I don’t have the luxury of time to take photos of everything before people start digging in and really I am the last person who want to ruin someone else’s grand meal. In short, sometimes I combine several trips and roll it into one post.
IMG_0344 IMG_0346  IMG_0631

Anyway, Angge recommended this place. I like the way that they were more experimental with the dishes which makes them ideal for people who are not so fond of authentic Filipino dishes. On the other hand if people were looking for authentic specialties, this might not be the place for them. Many items looked promising but somehow failed to deliver. For instance the eggplant topped with chicharon used the cheap kind so it wasn’t that flavorful. The crunchy fish inspired by Thai cuisine’s crispy catfish and mango salad was very disappointing. Apart from the very small helping of fish, the green mango and shrimp paste simply overpowered everything. The squid was a little too sweet and was dry although it went well with beer. I supposed I like the classic kare-kare that’s why this was not as satisfying. I did enjoy the lechon kawali which was cooked just right and was rather refreshing.


I think another trip is in order especially that I still haven’t tried their specialties. I think it’s worth a try especially that the place is always packed.

How many posts for today and counting?! Cheers!

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