Burger, Philly Cheese steak and Breakfast at Charlie’s


The first time I tried Charlie’s I didn’t enjoy my order because vegetables overpowered the meat in my wrap. And it was no cheap kind of meat! I told myself I will try it again with Phil and again I ordered something off. Philly Cheese Steak may be wonderful for most people but I am not a fan of anything swimming in flavor. I would have appreciated this serving more if it was on the side but no! There was no escaping the cheese fest. Phil was also not too happy about his because it was so expensive and it didn’t blow him away. He is supposedly a burger lover so there is something wrong here. Firstly, why use breading for portobello mushroom and stuff it with cheese when it tastes great on its own?!

IMG_0031 IMG_0028

The third visit tells another story. Firstly their helpings are very different. skillet potatoes and their hash browns look like no other. Yes they are quite expensive but alongside fast food options, it’s not that far. Again the bacon and the sage sausages were also fantastic but I was still having doubts in recommending them because an order is too small to be satisfied and two orders will be too expensive for an individual. It was also quite a turn off that there were many items on the menu which were out of stock at the time. And what they hell is up with not having brewed coffee or any other kinds of coffee for that matter?! I say every breakfast place should have coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juices. That’s an order!




I hate the lighting they have at Charlie’s. I would suggest restaurateurs to take lighting into consideration. While people can use flash for better photographs in horrid lighting, flash ruins the ambiance so I refrain from using it.


Of course I saved this for last. The asparagus was not trimmed off well so it was tough and this helping made my tongue itch because I’m allergic to shrimp but it was a masterpiece. It inspired me to finally experiment with asparagus (which I will do tomorrow or the next day). Basically this saved Charlie’s (and perhaps the sage sausage too!).


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