Craft Gastro Pub (Rockwell)


I went to Craft Rockwell to reward myself for braving the Makati traffic last Saturday. I felt bad about blowing my budget but it’s alright considering I needed a break and beer is always something fulfilling (because of its effects) because I have been trying to drink my way (quite slowly) to my second hundred after I tasted 100 beers last year.

Anyway it wouldn’t have been so bad if I ate someplace else (to save some cash) but being alone, I just didn’t feel like it. I ordered Spinach Mushroom Parmesan Pouches (180 pesos) and Mixed Green Veggies (220 pesos) which incidentally were vegan-friendly (except for the parmesan part of course). I simply had to point it out because super badass meats are often the ones paired with good beer. I enjoyed Efes as I don’t like dark beer or those that are too dense. It was even sweetish for my taste. My other order St. Idesbald blond is a bit of a waste because when I showed Phil he said we already tasted that before. Craft may be just right for newbie beer enthusiasts (I heard there’s another one at The Fort). If you want a wider selection, go to others like Distillery.



I was in Makati (a rare occurrence) because I was supposed to meet Evan but his office Christmas party was scheduled on the same day. Instead I checked if they were still selling tickets for watching the grand finalists for the Vie and Vault Pole Championship Competition (Yes they were!). And of course, I dropped by Mise-en-Scene as I wanted to see how Monica Vivar (a former classmate in a photography class under Leo Castillo) was doing. And since I had a lot of time in my hands, I also checked out Rockwell Tent’s Moonlit Bazaar. It was bland, expensive and uninspiring but I did take home some rubber stamps for my growing collection of crafts stuff!



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