Gayuma ni Maria (Maginhawa)

IMG_2232 Of course Gayuma has been a long time favorite but I think I haven’t gotten into food blogs then and posts were mostly on angst and “retarded teenage drama” or “post-adolescent crisis”. Anyway I’ve tried Gayuma ni Maria a long time ago with Phil. Then, I ordered quail, rose petals and chocolate sauce (blame it on Tita and Like Water for Chocolate), flaming cheese and Phil opted for a chicken viand. It was not as magical as the Gayuma I remember from College days. Surely most are still far from ordinary resto fare but I wouldn’t say it’s gastronomical.

I went back another time (with Mylin and Irene) mainly because I wanted them to enjoy taking photos. Then I ordered mango cream pie, banana cream pie, taro fries and nachos. The pies were forgettable for me. The taro fries was interesting not just because it’s taro but also because it’s served with cheese sauce and strawberry yoghurt dressing. And oh who can ever forget the nachos platter?! Apart from the colorful corn chips, it was drizzled in a whole lot of interesting sauces and had toppings of sliced watermelons. Seriously! It’s a specialty probably made as an ode to summer!



And finally I went back again recently with Jodi after our failed Korean bazaar plans. We ordered lumpiang barako or dynamite (deep fried green chili with cheese in lumpia wrapper) which both Jodi and Phil thoroughly enjoyed. Another was an oriental chicken dish in lettuce wraps served with a sweet and tangy ginger sauce. I let them try taro fries too. Both of them couldn’t resist and ended up ordering mango cream pie and Pavlova.  I finally learned to appreciate Pavlova (can you believe it?). I should simply remember to ask them not to put any more condensed milk.



Despite the not so perfect food fare I’d still recommend this place for people who are quite adventurous with the food they eat. It’s not exotic but it’s unique. The place is sweet and intimate and overflowing with creativity. I heard they’re now serving alcohol too so there are lots of reasons to love the place. It’s perfect for trigger-happy people. Cheers!


I also attended Marlo Fisken’s Pole Groove Workshop. And I managed to watch Steph’s movie after. I think it was at least two years ago since I last saw them! and I gotta say it was one of those days when I really felt fulfilled.

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