Al Batra (Makati Ave)

IMG_2634 We were all set for Jerusalem but they were closed. I don’t want to think that it’s for good and the sign which says soon to open is quite reassuring. We walked a bit and found ourselves in yet another Mediterranean/Indian food joint called Al Batra. It’s just across Jerusalem along Makati Ave but look up as they’re on the second floor.

Cy got an all meat one while Phil and I got the Al Batra Mixed Grill and an order of Biryani rice. Both platters were served with fries and pita bread on top and garlic sauce and mild tangy hot sauce on the side. I forgot to order salads but the kebabs were served over a hefty layer of onions and various vegetables so it was alright.


What’s wrong with me, it’s more than alright. The place is huge (both the smoking area and non-smoking area)! They have a lot on their menu. They have breakfast items (san ka pa?!) They have a long list of beverages including hot coffee, cold coffee, teas and shakes that they’d do just fine as a coffee shop. Best of all, they’re open 24/7! I guess it’s not very fancy in terms of ambiance… oh but it’ll do! See you there!

P.S. I really enjoyed the band Soju when we watched a random gig at SaGuijo. I wish to watch them again some time. And I’ll be ready for some rockin and dancin!

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